We are prone to injuries. Sometimes these injuries mean to lose some teeth’s. Not only, these injuries, but there are many reasons due which a person can lose teeth’s.

There were times when if someone loses one or two of their teeth’s, they just have to live with that. But those days are over now. Dental Implants have made it possible to have teeth’s, even if you have lost all of them. They will not be the original one, but for sure they will look and functions line real ones.

Now if you have to remove one or two or a whole set of your teeth’s due to some reason, they can be replaced by artificial teeth’s. They will look like real teeth’s; they will shine like real teeth’s.

Basically what they do in dental implants is that they will insert real look like teeth’s, into your jaw bone. That ceramic made tooth will be held by an artificial root made of titanium. This artificial root serves the purpose of the original route that takes time to grow, one the artificial tooth is placed into your mouth. This is the root is made of titanium because, this is the least reactive metal and there are very less chances of any reaction or allergy to the patient.

Man having teeth examined at dentists

There are basically three types of dental implants.

The first type of dental implants is called root implants. It is the most popular type of dental implant. This is because; root implant is very effective, by mirroring the exact size and shape of the patient natural size of the tooth. A doctor first gives the local anesthesia to the patient and then, he makes a very acute cut into the gum, in order to have access to the jaw bone. Then he inserts the dental implants in the jaw bone. In the final stage doctor stitches the gum and can subscribe you medications if needed.

After the dental implants patient may have to wait for the six to eight months, so that the bone can attach itself to the dental implants. Their doctor will place the tooth on the implants.

Another form of dental implants is called Plate form implants. This from is suitable for the people, where patient jaw bone may not be sufficiently wide enough to support the root implants. This form of implants is long and thin. The doctor will follow the same process as that of root implants up to the stage where he puts the implants into the jaw bone. But unlike the root implants, where user has to wait for 6 to 8 months, to put the teeth on the implants, in the case of plate form of implants, artificial tooth is fitted immediately on to the implant.

A third form of dental implant is called subperiosteal implants. This type of dental implants is used when; there is no possibility of permanent implants, especially in case of old peoples. In case of old people, there is no possibility of being having permanent implants. So in this form, doctors, place the implants on the top of the bones and embed them into the gums. The basic difference is that implants are not placed in the jaw bone, like in another form of dental implants. So, doctors give the local anesthesia to their patients and make a mold of the mouth and jaw bone structure. Doctor makes implants than can customer fit on the patient’s jaw. And dental implants are placed on the top of the jaw bone.