There can be a situation in the life where, you have to get rid of some of your teeth’s. That’s where you will need dental implants.

So what is dental implant? Basically dental implant is a metallic copy of the dental root. The doctor will place it on your jaw bone. But the doctor will not place a tooth on that dental implant, till it has proper union with the bone and enough power to support that tooth. Dental implants are made of metal; because our body tolerates metals very well and there are very less chances of have any side effects or reactions. Mostly titanium is used for the dental implants, because it is least reactive metal, and thus makes it comparably safer to use for the dental implants.

When you will meet any dental implant specialist doctor, the first thing he will do, that he will check that whether you have enough jaw bone to support the dental implants. Then the doctor will do surgery to your jaw bone to place the dental implant. He will cut through the gum tissue to the jaw bone, to have access to the root. Then after placing the implants on the jaw bone, it has been allowed to heal for several months, generally for six to eight months, so that jaw bone and dental implant can have stronger union. After that, the doctor will place the artificial teeth on the dental implant, also known as prosthetic tooth.


Any type of dentist can be consulted for the dental implants. But mostly the detest type who do dental implants are different than the one who puts the artificial tooth on the dental implants, like an oral surgeon or periodontitis do the dental implants and prosthodontics general practitioners do the work of placing the tooth on the dental implants. But be very sure about the expertise of the dentist, and experience of the dentist, before finalizing the dentist for the dental implants.

Most of the times dental implants fixes the problem and works as a permanent solution, which means that patient can use there artificial teeth for a very long time, however there can be some exceptions. There can be a situation, where dental implants may not integrate with the jaw bone and in that scenario they will be lost. If that happens with any patient than, the patient has to do dental implants again and it may be a bit expensive.

Most of the time anyone can have dental have dental implants, but there are situation in which dental implants are not advisable for the person. If the person has an uncontrolled diabetic problem, or any psychological problem, then they have to be refrained from having dental implants.

If any patient has a large portion of jaw bone missing, then he has to be refrained from same. So, before undergoing any dental implant, you should make it, very clear that how much good candidates are you for a dental implant. You should discuss thoroughly with your dentist, if you have any kind of medical condition, before dental implants.

There are three types of dental implants. And you should consider all of them, because all of them are based on you jaw bone density, size and shape. Also the dentist for the dental implants should be qualified, skilled and experienced. You can consult more than one dentist at a same time, so that you can be sure that everything going according to the book. After all, it’s for your safety only.