Dry hair can leave our hair as like as the bride of Frankenstein. There are various types of treatments in the current world to remove the dryness of the hair. It is our responsibility to select the most effective treatment for us. If we want to get a silky smoothness, then we shall have to try a homemade oil care treatment. It is true that warming up the oil can work faster than other. It helps us to penetrate our hair shaft. This treatment can add manageability and shine. We can use a super-hydrating Hot oil treatment and make our Frankenstein looks hair into glorious looks. Now I am going to discuss some steps of dry hair treatment, these are given below:

Step one

Load a microwave-safe pan together with 3 to 6 tablespoons of a pure oil, for instance, nice almond, jojoba, coconut, avocado or perhaps olive. The longer hair is, the more oil you will be required. When wanted, you can combine the same numbers of each and every oil and that means you acquire some great benefits of these.

Step two

Add 1 to 2 drops of oil in the pan, if you need a fragrant therapy. Blend the particular oil combination employing a desert spoon. Several recommended aromas can be used which includes rosemary, lavender or perhaps mint.

Step three

Put the pan into the microwave and also warm it for 10 minutes. Now remove the pan and also put it in a kitchen sink.

Step four

Place a bath towel in the neck to guard the garments from hot oil. In the event, you could use the particular hot oil therapy if you are inside the bathtub.

Step five

Remember to brush nice hair carefully to eliminate almost all knots and also tangles before you begin the particular Hot oil treatment.

Step six

Analyze some oil on your own hand to ensure that it isn’t also very hot.

Step seven

Trim your head on the sink and also slowly and gradually use the particular oil on the scalp. Because the oil starts off to be able to spill, established the particular pan straight down and also massage therapy of the particular oil directly into the scalp. Trim on the sink, and also use extra oil to right up until it is overloaded.

Step Eight

Now use the Massage therapy to the scalp and also head of hair so that you can get a couple of moments to enter the particular oil inside carefully.

Step Nine

Place your hair in the bath towel or even a bathtub cover to stop the particular oil coming from dripping wet.

Step Ten

Abandon the particular oil from your scalp of hair for thirty minutes to penetrate.

Step Eleven

Remove the bath towel or perhaps bathtub cover, and also rinse your hair using a soft wash. Now, rinse out hair together with hot water to eliminate oil.

If we follow these steps carefully, we will be able to avoid the dryness of our hair, and lets make a step foward for effective hair treatment.