Working out has several health benefits which is a notable fact. But different people may have different goals for working out. One of the most common things is losing weight, whereas other people may work out to keep their heart and health in check. Also working out for training for race or heavy deadlifts are also reasons why people work out. At the same time, it is also necessary to get health insurance in case something awfully goes wrong with your health.

If your primary reason is to lose weight and build muscle, it can certainly take heaps of time, effort and patience. Many factors are responsible for losing weight and building muscle, one of them being your genetics. Genetics play an important role in determining your body composition which can be difficult to change. Other factors include stress, sleeping pattern, hormones and your previous fitness history. Though it cannot be stated as impossible to change your weight and body composition but it can certainly be very difficult and challenging to do so.

Mentioned below are some things you should try doing differently to manifest results

Adjust your sleeping pattern

More sleep means more health. Weight loss is impacted by your sleeping pattern after your diet and exercise. Being sleep deprived means having an urge to binge-eat for the need of some quick energy! Consider establishing a relaxing bedtime routine and it will help you see results quickly

Work your way out of your comfort zone

Your body gets used to the same movements once you make it part of the routine. The key here is to keep trying new movements to get your body working

Make small changes in your workout routine

Don’t make it monotonous and definitely do not make it the same. Try bringing up new changes to your workout routine such as extending your work out time to an extra 1 hour, speeding up your treadmill intensity etc.

Take breaks, you deserve it

It is important to give yourself a break from strenuous physical activity. In order to make the process of burning fat going on, consider a method called active recovery. Active recovery is a workout such as yoga, walking etc. this will ensure that your weight loss activity is still on while helping you take a break from heavy workout.

Choose a fun activity and stick to it

Choose a work out activity which is fun whereas will benefit you in a number of ways. Not only will you enjoy doing, but will also help relievestress. Make sure you strike a balance between fitness for fun and fitness to actually see results.

So if you are not able to see results that you desire, do not panic but remain patient and work hard as it may take months to change your body fat percentage and muscle size. You just need to be stable and keep working in the right track!

Another important thing is to make sure that your goals are achievable and not unrealistic. Consider your genetics and natural body composition and set goals accordingly. You may have to alter your goal as well as training and nutririon to be able to achieve the results.