Are you bothered about stained teeth? Looking for ways to have whiter teeth?  People love to eat a sumptuous dish; numerous buffet type restaurants are popping out in the market and aim at showing some creativity on food besides making it savory.

This can cause stained teeth, and if not properly taken care of, will result in yellowish teeth. White teeth are one of the confidence boosters and having stained and yellow teeth affects your confidence. It may not only hurt your health but also affect your personality.

Few Hacks for Whiter Teeth

First, you can try to brush using baking soda. Baking Soda has whitening properties that can help whiten your teeth. Most commercial kinds of toothpaste include baking soda in their ingredients. Although it may not work magic on the first attempt, you can see positive changes in the long run. These baking sodas also have effects that prevent bacteria from growing.

 Secondly, apple cider vinegar has lots of health benefits but few know that it can help whiten teeth as well. It is usually used as a cleaning agent and disinfectant. It has a bleaching effect that helps get whiter teeth and cleans your mouth by removing bacteria.

The third hack is the diet of high fruits and vegetables. Eating raw fruits can give you great health benefits and can also remove bad bacteria in your mouth.

Some claim that strawberries and pineapples help whiten teeth. In fact, strawberry mixed with baking soda has been promoted by a few celebrities as a great natural remedy to whiten teeth. The acid found in strawberries can remove discoloration on the teeth.

Try Dental Services

One of the best and quick ways to have whiter teeth or get your teeth as white as you wanted is to get it through dental services. Tribeca Dental in New York offers different types of teeth whitening services to suit different needs.

The best and first solution is to prevent your teeth from getting stained is taking proper care of it. If you don’t brush your teeth regularly it will be yellowish. Teeth are naturally white and it gets yellow as you age as well. Another way to prevent yellow strains is to limit consumption of food that can give color like coffee, wine, sodas and dark berries. If ever you’re to consume these type of food that can stain your teeth, make sure to brush your teeth immediately.


The whitening teeth hacks can definitely be used and tested by anyone who wants to have whiter teeth. Not only does it provide hygienic benefits but also boosts one’s confidence and helps him or her be more sociable.

It will need some time for these hacks to work and if you’re a little bit impatient, you can try the dental services offered by the clinics like Tribeca Dental and have your teeth whitened in a very short period of time.

Last but not the least; make sure to take care of your teeth even before it gets stained. Remember, prevention will always be cheaper and better than finding a cure. Never disregard your dental hygiene and make it a point to brush two times a day.