Teeth Whitening is an effective cosmetic procedure where you can get results in short span. You can instantly whiten your teeth easily at affordable cost. Now it is simple with the Teeth Whitening Kits they are available everywhere now. There are many dentist clinics in Thunder Bay who offer Teeth Whitening at low cost.

Teeth Whitening is a better way than any other services. It is better you visit the dentist and confirm that the discoloration of your teeth is a cause of any oral health problems.

Tooth whitening by bleaching is a successful, conventional, affordable and safe alternative method with few side effects. There are other approaches for teeth whitening that is an external approach where teeth are bleached directly in contact to the tooth surface, an internal approach and the both approaches.


Teeth whitening kits

Are Teeth whitening kits safe for teenagers and adults as there is a huge rise in the production and sale of the kits? Youngsters are highly attracted to the instant whitening kits but the unknown fact is how safe are the whitening kits safe?

The popular cosmetic Dentist Thunder Bay suggests teeth whitening kits don’t harm health or teeth if they are used as per directions, but if anyone uses the damages kit then it may be a root cause of oral problems. The exploited whiteners can damage the enamel of the teeth.

Youngsters are especially admired for taking precautions over excess use. As youngsters are in the early stage of puberty, most of them will lose the baby teeth and obtain permanent teeth and the new teeth are very sensitive, the hard chemicals in teeth whitening kit will damage your teeth very soon. So it is good to visit the famous dentist clinics in Thunder Bay for tooth whitening treatment.

As to the adequacy, most whitening packs ought to accomplish their advertised levels of shine. The percentage of active bleaching agent is around 10% which is less than other clinical formulations. This implies they require more application sessions to accomplish a level of brightness.

The amount of brightness can also be restricted. Thunder Bay Dentists with their professional training and experience can adjust the shading to create a more natural appearance. You may also need expert aid with whitening if you have implants or other restorations to ensure the improved teeth shade blends well with the whitening kits. If you are using a home whitening kit your dentist can still help you by giving you an advice on using the best kit.

Causes for tooth Discoloration

There may be the several reasons for tooth discoloration and the main reasons were classified into two parts such as intrinsic and extrinsic. When there is a change in your Enamel then it is an intrinsic change. The other reason is when your teeth are exposed to antibiotics, high levels of fluorides, jaundice and any other disorders.  Extrinsic disorders were developed due to smoking and food habits like coffee, red wine, smoking, chewing, alcohol, etc. Thunder Bay Dentists can help the patients to overcome all these problems and bring out the best smile possible.