Everyone wants to stay fit. But with the world moving on to digitalization and on the go technology, people are becoming a target of obesity related problems. Stress and lathery are the main reasons for irregular eating habits, which indeed leads to the increase in fat cells in the body. Ever wondered how movie stars stay fit always or reduce weight just at once? Ever wondered how female stars get into shape immediately after their pregnancy?

No, no magic is involved. It is a process to tuck your tummy and get a firmer body. Tummy tuck surgery flattens your tummy by removing the excess fat from the body and skin, and tightens the abdomen muscles. The process is called as abdominoplasty. This process is usually taken by people with loose or sagging tissues after pregnancy.

Here are a few points as to when abdominoplasty should be done:

  • When you have stretch marks or flab in your body, which would not go even after following a specific diet or exercising.
  • When the fat in your body makes you uncomfortable or creates a problem during mobility.
  • With aging the skin becomes saggy or loose.
  • When you are left with separated abdominal muscles after your pregnancy, due to which your belly looks bowed out making you look five months pregnant.

These are the main problems for which abdominoplasty is done. There are various types of abdominoplasty process which can be from full body abdominoplasty to a partial one where fat from only a few areas is removed. Also the cost of such cosmetic surgeries varies from country to country and also on various factors like the age of the patient etc. There are many abdominoplasty Malaysia clinics that are cost efficient for the customers and provide with good service. Full recovery from this process requires an approximate time period of about three to six months.


 There are a few points that should be followed during the recovery process:

  • Basic recovery takes an approximate time of about one to four months, during which patients are advised to take some time off from work.
  • Initially the patient may suffer from minor bruising or discomfort.
  • Heavy lifting of objects should be avoided.
  • Nicotine should be avoided for a month or even longer prior to the surgery and also during the recovery process.
  • A few garments are available to prevent bruising and also help or support the repairing tissues.

Risks involved can be minimized if proper precautions are taken. This is a process which is fast and efficient if a proper surgeon is chosen. Choosing a surgeon for a low price can indeed be very costly. Because if the surgery doesn’t go well, you may need to appoint another surgeon to repair the damage done. So it is better to choose a surgeon wisely, with proper research. For this wise decision can help you save up your money and also help you to get in a great shape after the surgery.