Sudden health-related incidents can happen at any time. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have a reliable after hours doctor who can help you deal with mild and serious medical events. You might also need a doctor after normal business hours because you’ve run out of sick leave and your work schedule overlaps with the hours that most doctors are available. Fortunately, finding a skilled and trusted after hours doctor isn’t as difficult as you might think when you follow the tips below.

H2: Ask Your Usual Clinic

Many GP clinics maintain an after hours emergency line. It never hurts to check if your clinic offers this type of service by calling their office. If they have someone on call, you might speak with a doctor or nurse that can provide you with advice on how to handle your unique medical event. Some doctors only have an answering service, but answering service companies usually forward important patient information to doctors. Another option is to ask your provider for recommendations of reliable after hours doctorswhen you attend your next scheduled appointment.

H2: Call the Hospital

The next best way to find a reliable after hours doctor is by calling your closest hospital. If you’re not experiencing an emergency where seconds count, hospital staff can recommend a local walk-in or urgent care clinic. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, you should go straight to the hospital’s emergency room.

H2: Check Online Sources

You can find an after hours doctorin your area by performing a simple search via any major internet search engine. Search using your post code and the words “after hours doctor”, “walk-in clinic”, “urgent care” or “doctor on call.” If you’re unfamiliar with the doctor or clinic, use the search engine to find reviews before you go. Search by using the doctor or the clinic name and the keyword “reviews.”

H2: Get Recommendations from Friends and Family

If all else fails or you’re too sick to perform any type of calls or search, your family, friends and even co-workers can likely provide you with recommendations. You can also ask your friends via online platforms like social sharing networks and forums.

H3: Important Reminders

Whendealing with an after hours doctor who can’t access your medical records, you should gather any information that can help them provide you with the best treatment possible. Prepare the following before you have a major medical event so that you don’t have to worry about wasting time trying to explain your health history to a stranger:

  • Create a list of all of the current medications you take, detailing each drug’s name, dosage and manufacturer’s name. Make sure that the list also includes over-the-counter drugs and vitamins.
  • Make a list all of your medical conditions, the symptoms that you experience and any current treatments.
  • List separately any allergies and sensitivities that you have, including food allergies and medications that cause side effects.
  • List the names, addresses and phone numbers of your emergency contacts.
  • Make a copy of the front and back of your medical insurance and driver’s license or ID cards using a copier on a single sheet of paper.

Place all of the above inside a clear pouch that you can then carry with you wherever you go. If you travel a lot or experience medical emergencies often, create two of these pouches so that you always have a backup. Some people also maintain electronic copies on a cloud platform so that they can access the information from anywhere at any time.