Easy Ways to Manage Snoring

Easy Ways to Manage Snoring

Easy Ways to Manage Snoring

If you snore at least occasionally, you are not alone. About 45% of normal adults have this complication. Although it may seem minute, the condition is serious business it affects your life’s quality or that of your loved ones. This is because it can affect anyone sleeping with you, be it your spouse or anyone in the next room. Therefore, you need to know how you can manage this condition and make life easier for everyone. Several snoring appliances in Midtown can help you manage this condition, but here are simple ways to manage your snoring.

Stay Well Hydrated

Not drinking enough fluids can cause the secretions in your nose to be stickier creating more snoring. Therefore, you must manage how much water is getting into your body through direct drinking or food. According to experts, healthy women require about 11 cups of water daily as healthy men require about 16 cups. However, your doctor should advise you accordingly on the amount of water you should consume.

Change Your Pillows

If it’s been a while since you changed your pillow or dusted your overhead ceiling fun, it can be contributing to your condition. This is because there could be allergens in your bedroom and your pillow contributing to snoring. All you need is to do some cleaning and change your pillows.

Open Nasal Passages

If you realize that your snoring is beginning in your nose, it can result from blocked nasal passages. The passage may be clogged or narrowed due to cold or other issues, and all you need to do is open them up. This is to allow the fast-moving air to pass through the nose quickly without producing snoring.

Treatments for Snoring

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Your sleeping habits have a significant impact on your snoring. For example, when you are working for long hours without getting enough sleep, you will be overtired by the time you sleep, and you will get a hard and deep sleep. As a result, your muscles become floppier and you start snoring. Therefore, you need to have healthy working and sleeping habits to manage your snoring.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohols and any sedatives reduce your back-throat muscles’ resting tone, which increases the chances of snoring. If you drink alcohol, about four to five hours before sleeping it makes snoring worse. If you don’t usually snore and you drink like this, you will snore.

Lose Weight

Although slim people snore too, snoring has been found to affect many overweight persons. This is because fatty tissue and poor muscle tone are major contributors to snoring. Although you might not be overweight in general, any excess weight around your neck or throat is a threat to your health and can particularly cause snoring. You may be surprised to find out that all that was required was some regular exercises and losing weight, and you would say bye-bye to snoring.

Treatments for Snoring

When you try the above options without success, your physician at Aura Dentistry can recommend the following medical treatments and surgical procedures:

  •       Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
  •       Palatal implants
  •       Laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP)
  •       Somnoplasty
  •       Custom-fitted dental devices and lower jaw-positioning
  •      Surgical procedures, including Thermal ablation palatoplasty (TAP), Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP), and adenoidectomy

Please don’t let snoring affect the quality of your life by affecting your relationships. Try out the above ways and be sure to get improvements. Always keep in mind that you need your doctor to guide you accordingly.

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