Why we take in vitamin along with food?  Are you aware of this fact?  I think you might know it. Vitamin is rich in carbohydrates and phosphorus.  You can get your bones and muscles strong of you take this. Hence it is the complex substances which are required by the body in a very small amount.  Although they don’t yield energy but instead of itthey act as a catalyst in various body process. Tough our body cannot produce asufficient quantity of vitamin. So we have to take that food which is highly rich in vitamin to balance the body system. Not only this vitamin d3 k2 capsule is also recommended along with it. So here we will have a look about this capsule in depth. Let’s begin with it.

Function & Usage of Vitamins

Vitamin is necessary for the health and life of our body.  So there is some function of witamina d3 k2 which are mentioned below;

  • Vitamin helps in the proper skeletal muscular growth, including teeth & nails.
  • Vitamins, especially vitamin D helps in the absorption of different minerals Ca++ & K+ that are necessary for maintaining different important systems like RAAS, glomerular ultrafiltration&countercurrent mechanism
  • Some vitamins like Vitamin D3 K2 helps in the oxidation& metabolism of body fats, whereas vitamin B6 functions in the metabolism of all the three – carbohydrate, protein& fat. And B12 plays a role in the proper utilization of these components

Vitamin  D

We also know that there isa total of 6 vitamins present all together. And under vitamin D it has d3 and d2. So d3 is used in many ways. Some are as follows;

  • It helps in the process of the absorption & further use of the minerals Ca++ & K+ from the intensities
  • It also helps to in influencing the activity of the parathyroid hormones on the bones

The source from which we can get them are as follows:

  • Food- foods are actually rich in vitamin D and some examples like eggs, liver,butter,fish, liver oil. The most important one is the fish liver oil which is highly rich in vitamin D. Foods whose origin is vegetables doesn’t contain vitamin D.
  • Sunlight – we all know that sunlight is the important and main source of vitamin The good practice of Indian custom are applying food to the body and exposing it to sunlight.


Never skip this capsule. Intake this alone with food. Always remember that your health is the first priority to be considered. I’d you consider your health and stay healthy then you will notice that you can concentrate your mind on any work. In short,if you want success in life than work on your body to stay fit.