Whether or not you, a Singaporean, are a direct user of cigarettes or just a part of those people who are considered to be secondhand smokers, it is undeniable that we do need to learn more about lung cancer screening in Singapore.  In this article we shall discuss and know what cancer is, the types of cancer there are and then focus on lung cancer since we also got to talk about and mention smokers or smoking anyways.

Are you from Singapore and a smoker who has been trying to stop smoking for a long time now? Or are you one of those who experiences secondhand smoking due to the people around you? Whether or not your desire to learn more about lung cancer screening in Singapore has arose for a long time now or just recently, either ways it would be as significant. But before we get to head on to the importance of lung cancer screening and what it is, let us first look at what cancer is so that we may have knowledge about it as we further discuss things in relation to it. As we all know, cancer is known to be one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality throughout nations worldwide. To support this statement, just consider the statistics of an approximate 14 million new cases back in the year of 2012.

lung cancer screening in Singapore

This number of new cases is even expected to rise by about 70 percent over the succeeding twenty years. In addition to this, cancer is considered to be the second leading cause of death all around the globe and was even said to be responsible for a number of deaths amounting to 8.8 million, back in the year 2015. Statistically-wise, it was also said that around one-third of deaths due to cancer are cause by the 5 leading behavioral and dietary risks, namely: high body mass index (BMI), low fruit and vegetable intake and even none at all at some times, lack of any physical activity, tobacco use, and alcohol use. As we know it, tobacco use is then the most important and high-impacting risk factor for cancer and is then consequently responsible for an approximate of twenty-two percent of deaths due to cancer.

Now since we will then be talking and discussing about lung cancer screening in Singapore, what even is a lung cancer? Although it is somehow obvious that this is a cancer of the lungs, as the name suggests, lung cancer is more than what we know it is. Lung cancer is actually one of the most common cancers that are found in statistics in Singapore. It is actually known to be the second killer in males while third in females, also in Singapore. Sounds like and enough reason for you to continue your lung cancer screening, right? Now to move fast forward to the symptoms that a person – either a direct or a secondhand smoker – may have. One of the symptoms of a person with a lung cancer mimics those of a severe cold. Aside from this, coughing or coughing blood as well as shortness of breath are also symptoms that may be related to lung cancer. But through the help of lung cancer screening as well as diagnosis through a chest x-ray, you will then be assured whether or not you have one.