Before undergoing into a deep discussion, let’s focus on what are Tea tree oil and its usage.  Actually there are millions of plants known as tea trees but the species Melaleuca alternifolia is the main source of tea tree oil. This particular tea tree is found mostly in the coastal belt like Australia and has got various distinctive features.  Talking about the description, it’s a narrows needle like leaves which releases an aroma when gets crushed.  The tea also has got fruits and flowers which grow during summer. Sometimes the best tea tree oil is available for various productive usages.

Here, we will be discussing about the usage of tea tree oil on skin.  In human beings skin is the most sensitive element which needs to be maintained in a proper way both for looks and health.


The most efficient oil to remove make up- This is the most popular oil that mostly every person uses to remove the make up from their face.  The makeup is basically a mix of various chemical base colors.  An individual can use 10 drops of tea tree oil in a 4 ounce sterilized glass jar and should shake it properly. After this you can keep the jar in a cool place for some time and at the end can apply it on your skin with some cotton balls. Any kind of makeup will get removed in no time with the help of the ingredients in the Tea tree oil.

  • Used for soothing sores- An individual can use this particular oil for soothing every kind of sores. A person needs to dab a cotton ball into tea tree oil for sometime which is completely an antiseptic liquid and after this can easily apply on the sore. This in turn will remove the pain and also can heal the affected part.
  • Toenail fungus can be removed- This is the most common and productive oil for removing fungus from the nails. A person if uses the tea tree oil for a period of three months, then all the germs that are there in the toenail gets killed and it becomes fungus free.  It is prescribed to apply two drops of oil twice a day.
  • Chicken pox healer- This is one of the best medicine to cure chicken pox. Chicken pox is an extremely harsh skin disease which needs time to recover.  One tablespoon of tea tree oil can actually work towards healing chicken pox.  A person needs to apply at least for three weeks in order to get better.
  • Yeast infection can also be treated by this oil- In various research studies it has been found that tea tree oil  disrupts the membranes of the yeast cells.  Many people have tried and got some fine results.

Tea tree oil is not really a complete medicine material but is a product which can be used to heal various diseases with no such disastrous side effects. Though there are certain side effects but nothing really big.  Any person can use the best tea tree oil available in the market for skin nourishment.