Rhinoplasty Options and Why You Might be Suitable for the Procedure
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Rhinoplasty Options and Why You Might be Suitable for the Procedure

Rhinoplasty also referred to as nose reshaping, is one of the most challenging cosmetic procedures. Rhinoplasty in Houston may correct various defects on your nose, including your nostrils’ size and position, your nose size and width, and your nose profile. As a result, a flawed surgical procedure may result in a permanent deformity. Therefore, you must research to ensure your healthcare provider is efficient in enhancing the appearance of your nose and the internal functions for proper breathing. The good news is, you may end up with an ideal facial balance when you get a professional to work on your nose.

What makes you suitable for rhinoplasty?

Whether you are unhappy with your nose appearance or having breathing concerns, there are many reasons why you may opt to contact your cosmetic surgeon for the surgical process. Your healthcare provider may suggest the treatment when you need changes on your nasal tip, enhance the appearance of your upturned, wide, or large nostrils, and want the symmetrical balance of your nose. You may also be suitable for the process when you have particular congenital deformities or fall victim to a sports or motor vehicle accident.

Besides your aesthetic concerns, your surgeon may also recommend the treatment for functionality purposes. For instance, the healthcare provider may correct breathing difficulties like those resulting from a deviated septum. Therefore, rhinoplasty makes your nose proportional to your face, giving you a facial balance.

What are your options when you go for a rhinoplasty?

When you contact your surgeon for a nose job, there are two choices the medical expert may recommend; open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty. During an open rhinoplasty, your surgeon makes the incision outside your nose. The medical professional accesses the inside of your nose to work on the bones and cartilage through your nostrils. However, you are likely to have visible scars when your surgeon is through with the treatment.

On the other hand, closed rhinoplasty prompts your healthcare provider to make incisions inside your nose. Though you may not have visible scars after the treatment, the procedure might make it hard for your doctor to view your nose’s inner parts.

Since the two procedures differ, the time your surgeon may take may also vary. Additionally, the amount of time your healthcare provider will take during the procedure depends on the extent of your desired final results.

What is the non-surgical alternative to rhinoplasty?

Do you fret at the sight of a scalpel but need a nose job? If so, you have an option in liquid rhinoplasty. The non-invasive treatment entails injecting fillers into your nose to enhance its size and shape. Though the treatment is effective, your doctor may recommend it if you need to make minor adjustments like small depressions that alter your nose’s appearance. Additionally, it might be your go-to treatment when you do not want to commit to a surgical process. Unlike a standard rhinoplasty that may last longer, a liquid nose job will only last based on the amounts of dermal fillers your doctor will use.

Before contacting your doctor for a nose job, you should ask yourself if you are doing it for cosmetic concerns or enhancing your airway function. Schedule an appointment for more queries to know if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.