Reasons Why You Have Heavy Periods

Reasons Why You Have Heavy Periods

Reasons Why You Have Heavy Periods

It is finally that time of the month and again, your flow seems heavier than your friends’ description. Why is it that your friends seem to have lighter periods while you have to endure heavy flows for an extended period every month? A period cycle lasts for 28 days and has a duration of 4 days on average. Most people family planning in McAllen think that this is the major cause of heavy flow, but there could be other factors contributing to your heavier or lighter periods. You may not know that your period flow is thicker or lighter since you are used to it, so it is imperative to visit your doctor when you suspect that something is out of the ordinary. Below are the reasons why you may be having a heavier or lighter period.


What you eat can impact your periods. If you eat more junk foods, you are likely to suffer from premenstrual symptoms. Eating foods that are full of nutrients reduces period pain. Fasting and eating insufficient amounts of food can make your periods light since your body interprets this to be a sign that it is not ready for pregnancy.


Your weight has an impact on your periods. If you are overweight, you are more likely to have irregular and heavy periods. If you are too thin, you may miss your monthly periods. Observe a balanced diet to help maintain your ideal body mass index (BMI).

Too Little or Too Much Exercise

If you experience cramps during your periods, exercising is beneficial in easing your pain.  Fernando Otero, MD, and his team at Women’s Clinic of the Rio Grande Valley will recommend the right exercise regime so that you do not over-exercise and suppress your periods. It is crucial that you incorporate exercise into your lifestyle and not just to help with cramps.

 The Pill

Besides using contraceptive pills to prevent pregnancy, your doctor can use them to manage your periods if they are heavy and last for more than 4 days. If your pad or tampon gets full every hour, it is time you discuss this with your doctor. There are hormonal birth control pills which can help in your menstrual struggles.

Your Age

If you have just reached puberty, you may have irregular periods since it takes time to develop a regular menstrual cycle. As time goes by, your periods become more regular and shorter. When you are at the onset of menopause, your periods start to become irregular and can be light or heavy.

Hormone Imbalance

When you are stressed or anxious, your periods may become erratic. Hormonal imbalance can make you miss your periods. You can discuss with your doctor about the available options to correct this imbalance.

It Could Be More Serious

At times, ovarian cysts and cervical cancer can be the cause of your heavy menstrual bleeding or menorrhagia. Make regular visits to your doctor to help detect and treat abnormalities at an early age.

If you are experiencing heavy periods, do not assume that this is normal. Schedule a visit to your experienced physician for an examination at the earliest opportunity.

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