There are few specialized interventional radiology centers. Hamilton Vascular, a specialized interventional radiology center in Texas, ensures that all patients from Texas and its environs live pain-free. The practice has strategic locations in Webster, Clear Lake, Sugar Land, Round Rock, Tobin Hill, and Stone Oak, Texas. The telehealth tobin hill specialists at Hamilton Vascular are always available for consultations from your home. There are numerous benefits and reasons for visiting one of the Hamilton Vascular hospital facilities.

About Hamilton Vascular

Hamilton Vascular stands out as the first outpatient interventional radiology practice in Texas, situated in Southern Texas, founded by Carlos Hamilton III, MD. The practice offers diagnosis and treatment for vascular and vein conditions for adult patients at Sugar Land, Webster, San Antonio, and Round Rock, Texas.

Hamilton Vascular is home to board-certified physicians and surgeons that use minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat conditions like edema, diabetic vascular disease, chronic venous insufficiency, vein compression syndrome, and deep vein thrombosis. You can visit any of the centers for a venous stent, ablation, ambulatory phlebotomy, foam sclerotherapy, Varithena TM sclerotherapy, and sclerotherapy.

Physicians and surgeons at Hamilton Vascular use image-guided technology and ultrasound equipment to check beyond cosmetic complications and identify underlying causes. Unlike most practitioners that handle varicose veins as a cosmetic problem, physicians at Hamilton Vascular take a closer look at your venous symptoms for warnings of severe conditions and to diagnose issues causing pain and other underlying symptoms.

Why Should I Visit Hamilton Vascular?

  • Availability of Full Service- Hamilton Vascular delivers transformative care using innovative technology. All caregivers are qualified and board-certified.
  • Affordable Treatment- diagnosis and treatment for various conditions are affordable. Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, and other major insurance plans are accepted at Hamilton Vascular. Charges for your treatment depend on your condition, tests, and your insurance.
  • Specialized Care- At Hamilton Vascular, physicians run conclusive tests and diagnosis to deliver premier venous treatment and compassionate care. The practice specializes in comprehensive vein care.
  • Commitment from Caregivers- Hamilton Vascular is oriented towards delivering the best care through advanced treatment options and equipment for personalized care. You can visit any hospital center for the best care for your veins. You can get a referral to a hospital facility that is best equipped to handle your needs.

Available Services at Hamilton Vascular

  •       Treatment for chronic venous insufficiency
  •       Treatment for deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  •       Treatment for restless leg syndrome
  •       Diagnosis, test, and treatment for diabetic vascular disease
  •       Treatment for spider veins
  •       Iliac vein compression syndrome
  •       Remedy for leg discoloration
  •       Treatment for leg pain
  •       Treatment for varicose veins
  •       Treatment for pelvic congestion syndrome
  •       Sclerotherapy
  •       Treatment for venous ulcers
  •       Remedy for burning/Leg itching
  •       Diagnosis and treatment Edema and leg swelling
  •       Treatment for leg cramps
  •       Lymphedema treatment
  •       Telehealth appointments and consultations are available for all patients.

How to Refer a Patient

Options for patient referrals include:

  •       Fill and submit the Hamilton Physician Referral Form.
  •       Print the Hamilton Physician Referral form and fax it to 512-551-1651.
  •       Download the Patient Referral Form and mail it to
  •       Submit the Hamilton Physician Referral form in your EMR system.

When you are suffering from venous complications like varicose veins, you should call Hamilton Vascular to identify a hospital facility that is close by or book an appointment online to discover treatment options.