Portugal tour study shows that thousands are shifting to Portugal annually. In 2007 the country recorded 10, 617, 575 occupants whom 332,138 were immigrants. Most migrants came from Brazil, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Moldova, UK, and Romania. For decades, some migrants have recognized Portugal as a wellness retreat Europe because of the hospitality and the therapies they achieve from the New Life Portugal recovery center.

 In addition to the New Life Recovery center, the following are other features that attract many people from different parts of the world.

Breathtaking Beauty

From little fishing villagers to big churches, golf courses, pristine beaches, and castles, Portugal provides a wide variety of attractions. Additionally, there is a massive balance of rural beauty combined with modern features and vibrant nightlife. A strict national program also preserves regions of extraordinary biological heritage.

Recreational activities

For active persons and retirees, Portugal has a lot to do, such as swimming, golf courses, diving, sailing, diving, biking, and many more. For both Spain and Portugal, golf is the major than the beach. Algarve gold courses offer varieties in terms of price, quality, and difficulty. Excellent facilities for tennis, mountain biking, Karting, and mountain climbing are also available. Adventure lovers can also indulge in visiting theme parks, attending concerts, and bird watching.

Community and People

The Portuguese are welcoming and friendly. The majority speak English, and most are the most excellent, polite, and calm people. Portugal’s culture is enduring due to people in the country who love sustaining their culture and maintaining a calm lifestyle.

Low Costs

Portugal is among the less costly nation within European Union. The costs of properties are almost the same as those in Spain. Necessary living costs such as health care, property ownership, and public transport are taxed low by the government. Many services are affordable than in Northern Europe. Local drinks and food are also cheap.


If you are one of the occupants in Portugal, you can access the entire biggest town quickly. You can travel to Paris, Switzerland, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, and London just within a single day. Portugal is located in South Western Europe, a country bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the south and west, as well as North and East of Spain. With 82 900 km of highways and 3, 319 km of railways, and 69 airports, you can travel any place within a short time.

Quality Life

Two significant factors that contribute to a quality life in Portugal include safety and mild weather. Other factors that make Portugal the best place to live are Leisure time, stable economy, recreational activities, human rights, national parks, and UNESCO world heritage- sites. Not forgetting why this country is well known as a wellness retreat Europe.