Dry And Itchy Skin Issues Getting You Down? Four Simple Ideas To Overcome Them

There a number of reasons why you may be struggling with itchy or dry skin. It can be frustrating especially when you suddenly feel that urge to itch and you can’t quite satisfy the craving. Whether your dry skin is on your face, your arms, your chest or back it can not only dampen your confidence but it cal also affect your self-esteem.

This is why it’s always worth tackling the problem to ensure that what could be just a minor thing doesn’t turn into a a major skin issue. So what do you do about it? With that question in mind I thought I would share with you some simple ideas to help you overcome dry and itchy skin.


There is a common misconception that moisturising a lot will help you overcome dry skin. But sometimes the moisturiser you may be suing can actually be drying and make the issue worse. This is why it is important to ensure that the moisturiser you are using is specifically for dry skin or at least mentions that it is hydrating. This type of moisturiser will help your skin rather than hinder its chances of recovery. Often a budget friendly moisturiser can do the trick without the need to damage your bank balance.

Understand your skin type

You may have only just started noticing that your skin is dry. Or perhaps it has been prolonged problem, but it’s important to ensure you understand your skin type. A normal skin type will have a protective layer of natural oils, enabling your skin to stay hydrated. Dry skin could be the cause of your environment, it quite simply the wrong skincare routine. What might work for someone else, won’t necessarily work for you. If in doubt speak to an expert in skincare at your local salon or spa.

Satisfy that itch

There is nothing worse than feeling itchy and not being able to scratch away. However, excessive scratching or using a tool that isn’t right for the job could have a detrimental affect on your skin health. So it’s important to research the best back scratcher. This will ensure that when you satisfy that itch on your back that you are not causing further damage to your skin cells with something sharp or abrasive.

Avoid a long soak in a hot bath or shower

Finally, you may think that a long soak in the bath or a nice long shower will solve all your dry skin problems. But actually hot water and prolonged exposure to water can wash away some of the natural oils your skin develops. Making the issue worse and not better. Try and keep bath and shower temperatures cooler and avoid being in water for long periods of time.

I hope these four simple ideas and changes to your routine will help improve a mild case of itchy and dry skin. However, if you do find the problem persists then it might be worth seeking further advice and help.

George Abbot

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