We speak of constipation when the stool is not only given away less than it should (ie less than twice a week), but also when it is accompanied by additional ailments, such as: emptiness, hard, parched stool consistency (sometimes in pieces) or as dry, hard laers), pain.

When an infant’s diet is based on modified milk (supplemented with iron), it may lack an appropriate amount of appropriate probiotics and prebiotics that improve bowel function and intestinal passage. Sometimes the constipation is not yet fully mature digestive system. It is worth to increase the supply of liquids to the infant, change the previously administered milk to other people and consult a pediatrician to determine potential measures to improve the bowel movement. With the CBD Suppositories you can have the best results now.

Constipationan emotional matter

In a small child, the problem of constipation may occur while learning to use the toilet. It often happens that a child does not want to sit down on a potty, or does not quite know how to “settle this matter”, and therefore begins to hold back the pressure. Abstaining from defecation causes the stool to remain in the intestines and gradually harden, so another attempt to give it away may be quite painful and the child will remember it as unpleasant.

The Result

The result will be further abstinence from bowel movements, which in turn will result in a vicious circle and can lead to habitual constipation. What’s more, a child can develop fear of making a pile, and even guilt, that he cannot cope with this activity. That is why you have to watch your child carefully and, if necessary, discreetly respond. Sometimes it is worth postponing the diaper change for a potty, wait a few weeks and encourage from the beginning. Each child matures to unblock in their own time. Sometimes it happens that it skips the stage of a potty and immediately uses the toiletwithout major problems.

  • It is worth remembering that the more the problem gets worse, the harder it is to deal with it. A child who once experienced a painful bowel movement, subconsciously will avoid it and tighten the sphincter to avoid experiencing a painful experience once again. Then, as one of the symptoms that testify to the problem of constipation, there is more and more frequent staining of underwear.
  • Faeces, gradually accumulating in the rectum, will escape from it (spontaneously or together with gases). If the problem is not resolved in a timely manner, constipation will intensify and the staining of underwear will be a problem not only hygienic, but also emotional. It can sometimes cause the child’s reluctance to travel, to contact with other children, and even rejection by peers (unpleasant odor) or teasing.

It happens that constipation takes its origin just for emotional reasons. They are often associated with going to kindergartenthe toddler misses his parents and subconsciously manifests this by holding back stools or simply does not want to or is ashamed to deal with other children, in a shared toilet. This situation also applies to travel constipation (unwillingness to public toilets), at school (shame before reporting the teacher having to use the toilet) or negative experiences related to the issue of defecation in a different place than at home, e.g. peeping on the toilet by other children, dirty toilet or lack of toilet paper and appropriate hygiene conditions.