The heart is the epitome of life, and therefore a qualified physician should handle any issue with the life-giving organ. Finding an experienced cardiologist who can treat the complications that may arise can be hard and frustrating. The Heart and Vascular Care has its location in Plano, Texas. Dr.Bhupinder Singh, assisted by Navneet Singh, runs the clinic. The clinic opens only during weekdays and observes the regular working hours. The heart-related problems treated in the facility include chest pain, varicose veins, heart attack, and heart failure. They have a working website through which you can schedule an appointment anytime.

The doctors at the hospital are very experienced. Since the heart pumps the blood to the whole body, a small mistake with the treatment can result in irreversible damage to the patient. Doctor Bhupinder acquired qualifications in cardiovascular medicine, interventional cardiology, echocardiography, nuclear cardiology, and vascular ultrasound. In addition to the knowledge he has received over the years, he has extensive experience in the field.

Additionally, you do not have to worry if your insurance is accepted at the facility. The facility processes payment from a range of insurance companies. Besides, the medical team focuses on giving specialized care and attention to a single patient at a time. The patient is sure to get the best because the hospital employs a state of the art technology in treatment. More so, the aim of the procedure is not to mint money from the patient but to ensure the longevity of life and health. The services offered aim to rule out early signs of a pending heart problem. For instance, if you experience regular chest pains, the team evaluates the source of the pain to cancel out the probability of having heart issues.

Additionally, patients having varicose veins also get treatments such as laser and radiofrequency ablation. Patients suffering from a heart attack also receive emergency care at the facility. The doctor evaluates patients during their first consultation and decides whether they are at risk of suffering from a heart attack. Heart failure detection at the facility occurs after a stethoscope evaluation of the chest. If the doctor detects congestion, the patient undergoes either a blood test, an X-ray, or echocardiogram. The hospital also caters to patients with valvular heart disease, peripheral and coronary artery disease.

In conclusion, people need to take care of their health because it determines their quality of life. People should use the information on symptoms of heart-related conditions provided on the website of the facility. The customization of the website allows people to know a lot about all the conditions treated at the facility.The patients benefit from the service of a qualified team with the doctor having ten years of experience. Additionally, various conditions diagnosed and treated in the facility include heart failure, varicose veins, chest pains, and heart attack. The facility uses advanced technology to detect and treat these conditions. Visit their clinic today or book an appointment with them; they are ready to help you out!