Painful sensations in the feet are quite common amongst the elders while the youngsters are also no exception to this issue. Early mornings are generally the worst times for the sufferers when they start moving around. These painful conditions are known as plantar fasciitis. Use of herbal medicines and undergoing the stretching exercises is all the more helpful in saying no to foot pains.

Types of stretching exercises –One of these wonderful exercises is the calf stretch that advises the sufferers to stand about one or two feet away from the walls, followed by leaning against it. The arms must be kept in outstretched positions while the back foot may be kept flat on the ground. This would enable the guys to enjoy stretching feels in their back heels that are called as the Achilles tendon. This exercise is helpful to say no to inflammation and gives relaxation from tightened tissues.

There is the stair stretch under the plantar fasciitis exercise methods. This special exercise involves your foot that is to be stretched backwards while you have to keep one step upward with the other foot. You are advised to lean into the stairs whereas the back foot is to be kept in flat position. Great relief from heel-back pain is experienced with this exercising method.

Those suffering from foot pains are advised to do foot stretches that are done in seated positions itself. You are to reach forward and cross your legs and grasp the foot. Just pull your toes towards the shin. Bottom of the foot would experience great relief from painful sensations and inflammation.

Heel cord stretch is another great exercise for enjoying big relief from foot pain and other problems. Make use of a sheet or towel to wrap around your toes to pull the toes to the body if you are not sufficiently flexible. Hold the towel ends while the middle around the toes should be looped. Straighten your knees while the leg backs and foot bottoms may be stretched in even manners. Instant relief from foot pain and inflammation is the unique benefit of this exercise.

Just try the wall lean method under which you have to stand up against the wall while one foot is to be kept in front of the other foot. Straighten your front knee while placing the toes against the wall. Just lean into the wall and stretch your back knee in the foot. Likewise do the same with the front foot too.

You can enjoy big relief from plantar fasciitis with these stretching exercises instead of spending hundreds of dollars on ordinary medicines without any fruitful results.