LifeWell M.D is a leading medical care center that helps patients explore customized treatment options that work for their condition. Ramesh Kumar, MD, recommends combined holistic, traditional, holistic, and alternative therapies to get effective treatment. At LifeWell, MD. Practitioners enjoy seeing their patients get well, recover, and have improved lives.

Regenerative medicine

Medical clinics now advise patients to go for regenerative medicine that helps them to reach their full recovery without the impacts of pain medication or surgeries. Some forms of regenerative medicine include the injection of stem cells directly to the body, which helps the body heal and regenerate damaged organs. Stem cells have growth factors that, when introduced to areas that had been damaged, results in the regeneration of tissues.

Traditional herbs

Some traditional medicines and herbs have cell generative factors that are dramatic in the healing process. The components in these medicines resemble the natural healing components in our blood system. The components which are harvested by this medicine would be highly concentrated when isolated correctly and thus perform perfectly like the regenerative body cells. When medicine practitioners inject the regenerative components into the body of a patient, it has beneficial effects that amplify the healing process of a severely injured body part.

Functional medicine

Functional medicine focuses on why a patient is unhealthy; this is the type of treatment that looks at the cause of health problems. Most treatment, however, treats only the symptoms without taking into consideration the unique biochemical factors for each individual. This treatment, therefore, investigates which body organs may be creating a disease, the body regulates itself, and without this equilibrium, then one may fall ill. Functional treatment focuses on diagnostic testing, blood work to find the root cause of the problem. The main objective of this cure is to create an equilibrium for all the body functions that can make the body restore itself and get the body at its best.


Doctors mostly recommend acupuncture and it involves inserting needles into some strategic parts of the body to balance a patient’s energy. The practice is said to cure some illnesses and boost the immune system. Acupuncture can eliminate some conditions such as blood pressure, headaches, whooping cough, among other conditions.

Acupuncture, which is part of the traditional Chinese treatment, proposes that the procedure balances the harmonious balance of life force. Although there is no controlled data to support inserting needles in the body, patients sometimes say that the procedure helped ease their conditions. Neuroscience suggests that acupuncture points in the body have nerves, connective tissues, and muscles, which can be stimulated. Stimulation of these vital tissues allows for blood to flow easily and trigger the body’s natural sedatives.


Together with these alternative treatment options, Kumar specializes in neurology, which is the diagnosis and treatment of brain, spinal cord, nerve, muscular disorders. Among these conditions treated by Kumar is the involuntary nervous system which controls the heart and other vital organs such as the lungs. Among the infections that affect patients with neurological issues as headaches, dementia, stroke, seizures, epilepsy, sleep disorders, and neuromuscular infections. Patient review on the doctor has been positive, and he is affiliated to most private and public hospitals in Georgia and other parts of the US. Try him today and get to share your testimony too!