In Colorado, the Military Metamine Clinic Therapy uses multiple ketamine infusion therapies to offer treatments to military veterans. The Colorado Springs CRPS/ RSD specialist, among other medical practitioners, aims in helping military veterans recover from mental disruptions and other chronic pain conditions. The anesthesiologists at the center are licensed and highly-trained in various ketamine infusion treatments.

The goal of this facility is to improve the quality of life of these military veterans by ensuring that they receive relief from chronic pains and any mental disorders. The specialists at this facility enhance the efficiency of their procedures by providing follow-up services to their patients. Let’s get to know more about this medical facility.

The Practice

About 30% of Americans do not respond to conventional treatments such as anti-depressants. The need to seek ketamine infusion comes in since they offer rapid relief than these traditional treatments. This facility also offers 0% financing and discounted rates for military veterans and those still in active duty. You can consult the facility about more details concerning their payment plan.

The Professionals

Dr. Michael Moore is an anesthesiologist and managing director with the center. Dr. Theresa Keefer is the nurse anesthesiologist. If you have any comments, queries, or concerns about this facility, send a message to your selected service provider via the clinic’s website.

The Ketamine Infusion Treatments

Ketamine therapy treatment is used during anesthesia and pain relief, giving mild sedation to an individual. WHO lists this treatment procedure as one of the essential medical procedures. This therapy helps military veterans in fighting suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety disorders, migraines, obsessive-compulsive disorder, CRPS/RSD, PTSD, chronic pain. Etc.

Proper evaluation and diagnosis are essential to determine whether a patient is eligible for ketamine infusion treatments. These treatments rarely cause side effects on an individual, however, the procedure might cause slight sedation, salivation, blurred vision, and feelings of nausea. The medical practitioners incorporate advanced medical techniques along with their experience to enhance the safety and effectiveness of heir treatments.

Ketamine therapy

The Research

Researches on Ketamine infusion treatments proves the increased efficiency in comparison to other conventional treatment procedures. The facility compiles a list of this research and posts them on their site to provide information about their treatments. Visit their website and look at some videos and resource links on this subject.

The Blog Articles

The anesthesiologists at the facility also focus on patient education. Multiple blog posts are explaining the conditions treatable by ketamine infusions, their effectiveness, and how they affect your body functioning. Learn more about their practice by reading some of these articles.

The Reviews

The providers at the facility value and appreciate feedback from their patients. Although they do not have a review to date, be the first to leave one.

How to Contact the Clinic

Patients can reach the clinic through mobile or booking an online appointment. You can also send a text via email. Conveniently, those around Colorado can visit the center with the help of directions provided at their site. Consultation services during your first appointment are free; note that the clinic only accepts patients via appointment.

In conclusion, Military Matters Ketamine Clinic of Colorado aims at giving back to military veterans through the services they offer. The Ketamine treatments help relieve patients of chronic pain conditions and other mental disorders. Ketamine treatments are more efficient than conventional medicines.