Liondale Medical is a private practice located in the Upper West Side. Dr. Lionel Bissoon is a New York bioidentical hormone specialist and leads medical providers at the center. Dr. Lionel has experience in regenerative, anti-aging, and integrative medicine. The facility aims at providing quality medical care to their patients. Dr. Lionel incorporates a multidisciplinary approach in treatment procedures to enhance the effectiveness of treatment procedures. Let’s find out about this medical facility.

About Professionals

Dr. Bissoon graduated with a medical degree at Des Moines University College. The doctor has over 20 years’ experience practicing alternative treatment procedures, not drugs. Dr. Bissoon learned mesotherapy in France and later incorporated the treatment procedure in the United States. Dr. Bissoon focuses more on the quality of treatments the patients receive at his clinic.

Dr. Lionel aims at providing individualized care to each patient. The practitioners offer ample time for consultation services, diagnosis, and treatments. Liondale Medical limits to serving ten patients per day. Dr. Bissoon tells patients to gauge the quality of his services in comparison to the waiting area. The facility only provides three seats to illustrate that they can only handle a small number per time. The doctor is also an author, ‘The Cellulite Cure,’ and featured in multiple television shows, such as Good Morning America, and ENews.

About Services

The medical practitioners at the center have vast knowledge and experience in performing alternative treatments. Dr. Bissoon also incorporates the use of advanced medical technology to ensure they offer top-quality services. Some of the services provided include hormone replacement, medical ozone therapy, NAD, regenerative medicine, IV therapy, and menopause treatment.

Dr. Bissoon also offers multiple cosmetic procedures to meet the aesthetic needs of his patients. Some of these services include Botox, anti-aging, skin laser, skin tightening, and dermal filler treatment procedures. The providers not only aim at treating various conditions but also providing patients with guidelines on living a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss management, nutritional advice, and exercise recommendation are additional services patients can acquire at the facility.


Dr. Bissoon appreciates and values feedback from his patients. This review acts as a rating of the quality of the services the facility offers. To date, the center has not yet received a review. However, you can become the first to leave one.

How to Contact the Center

Patients can reach the center through mobile, 212-579-9136, or use the facility’s online booking feature to schedule an appointment. Conveniently, patients located around Manhattan and its surroundings can visit the center at this locality, 10 West 74th Street. Note that the facility is open from Monday to Thursday, starting from 9 am to 6 pm. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about Liondale Medical, you can send a message to Dr. Bissoon, through the facility’s website.

To sum up, Liondale Medical offers quality services to its patients through their individualized approach in treatment and comprehensive care. Incorporating advanced medical techniques and his experience in the medical field, Dr. Bissoon provides effective, alternative medical treatments to his patients. Note that he attends to most patients himself. Schedule an appointment with the facility or book an appointment to learn more about the medical procedures.