Importance of the Medical Detox
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Importance of the Medical Detox

If you do not know about drug and alcohol rehabilitation before, then different ideas or preconceptions come to your mind. You might think about what you saw in the TV shows or movies and pictures of the people going through some painful withdrawals. They don’t realize that there are various stages in a treatment process, and the important step is the medical detox.

Medical detox makes sure safety and comfort and is the requirement before an actual rehabilitation. Even though medical detox isn’t needed before the treatment, it can be the good idea.

What’s Medical Detox?

The medical detox is one kind of process where drugs and alcohol are removed safely you’re your body. This procedure is likely used in the conjunction with the medication that will help this process to be more comfortable. It’s conducted in the medical facility with nurses and doctors on site 24 by 7.

Medical Detox

Detox from any substances like benzodiazepines and alcohol will be the dangerous withdrawal procedure and will lead to seizures or cardiac arrest. In the medical detox center, the doctors may administer tapering medication for reducing any chances of your body having any adverse reactions to the abrupt end to the substance abuse. With benzodiazepines and alcohol, another benzodiazepine can most likely get prescribed for the anti-seizure purposed. Patient will be brought off this drug slowly, than cold turkey that reduces symptoms & increases safety. Some other medications might be used to help with the sleep, depression, anxiety, and cravings.

How Does Detox Work?

Medical detox that depends upon the historical drug-usage of a patient, will last from 3 to 10 days. First stage is the evaluation where doctors may determine the detox length or how much medication must be used. When the process starts, medical detox regimen will be increased and decreased that depends upon the observed body reactions.

The medically supervised detox will reveal more diagnoses unavailable to somebody trying to detox on own. The blood tests will be conducted & medical staff will determine if more medication will be required. In any active addiction, users have to put the body at higher risk for the liver dysfunction and communicable diseases such as Hepatitis C or HIV. In detox, diseases will be caught very soon, and the treatment plan will be made if any such problems are discovered. Skipping the medically-assisted detox will allow the viruses and diseases to go undetected & leading it to progress. If left untreated, HIV, liver dysfunction, and Hepatitis C will be fatal.

After this detox process, patient is transferred to the inpatient rehab. Certain treatment centers have got on-site detox facilities. Detox centers exist on own and one must be transferred to the treatment facility after the detox. One must always plan the additional treatment after detox.