Shakeology is a nutrient preparation which is marketed by beachbody, a US based company involved in the production and sale of home fitness products.

  Shakeology is presented as a meal substitute, with the following benefits;

  • It can help in the reduction of weight loss
  • It helps makes one more energetic
  • Improvement of the functioning of the digestive system
  • Helps in detoxification of the body and in the elimination of wastes.
  • Eliminates hunger pangs
  • Improves general wellbeing of the body.
  • Improves and clarifies mental activity.

What are the ingredients in shakeology?

The shakeology ingredients include the following:

  • Whey protein: this protein is very easy to digest, and is easily used by the body.
  • Phytonutrients blend: these phytonutrients are natural nutrients derived from plants. They include proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  • Blend of natural antioxidants: the natural oxidants help protect the various organs of the body from free radical damage.
  • Herbal powders: these are rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals.
  • Fruit powders: these are also full of vitamins and minerals

Shakeology nutritional facts

A single serving of shakeology contains the following nutrients:

  • Calories: 140
  • Fat:0g
  • Carbohydrates:19g
  • Protein: 15g
  • Dietary fiber: 3g
  • Sugar:11g
  • Vitamins and minerals.

How to prepare shakeology

Shakeology is marketed in a pack which can furnish about 30 servings. It can also be  purchased in a bag with 24 single serve packets. The product can come in a variety of flavours which include chocolate, vanilla, green berry, caffe latte.

 A serving of shakeology can be prepared in the following way:

  • Obtain 2 cups of ice, I cup of water, and 1 single serving packet of shakeology.
  • Put all three ingredients into a blender, and blend it until the mixture becomes smooth.
  • When a satisfactory consistency is achieved, pour into a glass for consumption.

Shakeology recipes

There are many different ways of preparing a shakeology serving. Some more common recipes include the following:

  • Chocolate covered strawberries:To the blend mixture above, add some  straw berries, and nonfat milk or soya milk.
  • Chocolate loco: add 1 banana, some cinnamon and non fat milk or soya milk.
  • Carl daileker recipe: add peanut butter and I banana.
  • Chocolate mocha: add I cup of coffee, some cinnamon, and half cup of non fat milk.

All the recipes above make use of chocolate flavouredshakeology. The following recipes are made with green berry shakeology:

  • Creamy berry fusion: add strawberries, raspberries and non fat milk.
  • Berry vanilla banana: to the blend, add 1 banana, and some non fat vanilla milk.
  • Sunrise: add fresh orange juice to the blend.
  • Lemonana: add a half banana, lemon juice, and rice milk.
  • Blues buster: add the following: frozen blue berries and black berries, orange juice, non fat blue berry yoghurt.

Where to buy shakeology.

Shakeology may be purchased from the beach body company at the official beachbodyshakeology website. Available packages include a  pack containing 24 single server packs. There is also a self sealing pack which can give up to 30 servings of shakeology.  The price for each serving of shakeology is about 4 US dollars.

  On the website, there is provision for a home direct option, where the product will be shipped continually to a particular address on monthly basis. This helps to ensure a continual supply of shakeology for shakeology lovers.

  There are other vendors of shakeology. The product may be purchased on amazon, and ebay. It is however recommended that shakeology be purchased on the official site due to the possibility of adulteration when it is purchased from other vendors.

Which shakeologyflavours to buy?

In purchasing shakeology, the following issues are worth considering:

  • Many people prefer the chocolate and vanilla flavouredshakeology.
  • Some people do not like the green berry flavouredshakeology.
  • It is often best to buy several flavours of shakeology, as continuous use of a single flavour of shakeology may lead to satiation. It is therefore best to alternate shakeologyflavours.
  • The 24 single serving convenience shakeologypack is quite useful as individual packets of shakeology can be carried around to be used as the need arises.

Alternatives to shakeology

There are some other meal substitutes which can act as alternatives to shaleology. These include;

  • Ideal shape shake: each serving of this shake contains 11g of protein, 3g of fat, 10g of total carbohydrate, and 25mg of cholesterol. It is also full of vitamins. It comes in the following flavours: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, mocha, orange cream and chocolate peanut butter.
  • Vegas one: each serving of vegas one contains 20g of plant based protein, 160 calories, probiotics, antioxidants and dietary fiber. It has the following flavours: berry, vanilla, chocolate, French vanilla, coconut, mocha.
  • GNC total lean shake: a serving of this meal substitute contains 4g of sugars, 5g of soluble fibers, 8g of dietary fiber, 2g of total fat, as well as vitamins and minerals. It comes in the following flavours: cream, vanilla, swiss chocolate.
  • Amazing grass amazing meal: contains 10g of protein per serving with 6.5g of superfoods
  • MRM whey protein: each serving contains 18g of protein, whey concentrate and whey isolate.

Disadvantages of using shakeology

  • The probiotic content of shakeology may be harmful to people who are immunosupressed.
  • Shakeology contains ecdysterone, which is in the list of banned substances for athletes. Therefore athletes who may undergo steroid tests should use exercise caution in using shakeology.
  • The high price of shakeology may not be cost effective for some people
  • Not all the components of shakeology have been formally approved for use by regulatory bodies.


Shakeology is a nutrient shake which is often used as a meal replacement. Shakeology reviews by users mention a lot of positive benefits, and it can be prepared with many recipes. Shakeology however, may not be appropriate for certain groups of people, and there are many shakeology alternatives available.