How did COVID-19 impact dental health and dental practices?

How did COVID-19 impact dental health and dental practices?

How did COVID-19 impact dental health and dental practices?

The impact of COVID-19 has been widespread with no industry or individual spared. Sailing through this pandemic has been incredibly difficult for all. What made things worse was restricted or no access to other medical services such as dentistry.

As soon as the pandemic hit, all the appointments were canceled, and patented were bound to live with pain. Dentists work in the oral cavity which is why the risk was immense. The services from the dentist in Bankstown could resume only after significant time had passed and that too was in the limit.

By the time dentists could return to jobs, considerable damage had already been done. People suffered from poor oral health, aggravated dental problems, and industry experienced some enduring burns. Even now as the world starts rolling, the impact is apparant. Here we review some pointers that indicate the way the coronavirus pandemic affected oral health and dental treatment.

  • Limited or no access to dental help

As mentioned earlier, the pandemic created an emergency and sent the entire world into lockdowns. This caused numerous appoints be canceled or indefinitely postponed, leaving people no other option but to live with pain.

A very small percentage of patients who needed and knew about urgent dental services could get some treatment. Others relied on home remedies, self-care, or temporary relievers.

The whole situation worsen patients’ condition and also created an almost unsurmountable backlog for practitioners. While dentists are trying their best to overcome the pressure, it might take some time to get over this overwhelming state.

  • Workforce and financial impact on dentistry

In the light of the pandemic, closure was imposed on dental practices. Also, the public has been reluctant to visit their dental clinics, given the high risk of getting treatment without masks or any other guard.

This leads to a state of joblessness in the industry where dental practitioners and support staff have significantly low or zero income. Many quit the profession while others struggled with major drops in income. Dentistry is likely to continue with lesser staff, increased costs.

  • Impact on the oral health of patients

Coronavirus pandemic deteriorated the oral and dental health of people in general. Some were directly impacted due to the aftermaths of the infection, while others suffered from general issues related to a changed lifestyle.

  • Tissue breakdown and oral ulceration

Although there is no sufficient research available, many patients who suffered from COVID-19 infection complaint about aggravated oral and dental issues. COVID is known to hurt our blood vessels including those that are connected to the mouth. Dentists have found an increased risk of gingival breakdowns and oral ulceration in patients recovering or recovering from the infection.

  • The bad breath and dry mouth

Dru mouth and bad breath have always been common oral problems and have multiple causes. However, the increase surged during the pandemic. Several reasons related to the pandemic contribute to these issues. Stress, constant wearing of masks, and the effect of strong COVID medication magnify the problem.

  • Stress and anxiety

People are under tremendous stress since the pandemic has hit. Uncertainty and anxiety have led to several health issues. It is also one of the causes of increased dental and oral problems. Anxiety stimulates teeth grinding making them prone to chipping and cracking. It also wears the enamel elevating the chances of several other dental problems.

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