Guided biofilm therapy: A way to a better smile

Guided biofilm therapy: A way to a better smile

Guided biofilm therapy: A way to a better smile

Smile is the most beautiful gift of nature to you. It gives you confidence and presents you as a happy and amicable individual. People with perfect smiles are also known to have a better personal, professional, and social life.

While some are naturally blessed with amazing teeth and smiles, others do not have much luck in that regard. Many also lose the aesthetics of their face and smile due to some injury or dental problem.

Dentistry has several procedures such as dental cleaning that help you to get better oral health and beauty. They use various dental cleaning instruments and methods to make your teeth sparkling white and give you a gorgeous smile.

Dental procedures for cleaning have evolved significantly over time. Dental practitioners and researchers have devices in numerous ways that are more efficient and clean your teeth with greater comfort.

One latest innovative addition in this direction of aesthetic dentistry is guided biofilm therapy. It is an effective technique to remove plaque and deposition from your teeth and make them whiter and dazzling.

  • Understanding guided biofilm therapy (GBT)

Guided biofilm therapy is a swiss innovation. A technique that allows dentists to transform the experience they deliver to their patients. This revolutionary technique is quickly replacing the old-school ones by providing painless and fearless dental and oral care to patients of all age brackets.

One of the primary causes of tooth decay and several gum diseases is plaque buildup and deposition of bacteria (biofilm) in your mouth. To mitigate this risk factor, dentists recommend regular professional cleaning of your mouth.

GBT is a new technique that uses AirFlow to remove buildup and biofilm. It is a gentle procedure that removes all stains effectively. For best results, dentists recommend getting GBT done before the teeth whitening procedure.

  • The procedure

Your mouth is home to several bacteria and many of them are not very friendly for your oral health. If not treated regularly, they form a thick layer on your teeth and gums and lead to several periodontal and peri-implant infections. GBT help in removing this biofilm effectively without any discomfort. The technique reduces the cleaning time to more than half. The procedure includes the following steps.

  • Assessment: Your mouth is screened and assessed meticulously, just like before every other procedure.
  • Highlighting: A harmless dye is used to highlight the biofilm and other problem areas. It guides the cleaning procedure.
  • Airflow: Your dentist uses a combination of Airflow, warm water, and a fine powder to remove stains, biofilm, and early calculus from your gums and teeth.
  • Rinsing: A pain-free technology is used to gently and quickly remove deposits from your teeth using warm water.
  • Check and recall: Your dentist conducts a last check to ensure that your mouth is clean and adds a protective varnish. Based on your oral condition and needs, your further appointments are fixed.
  • Reasons to choose guided biofilm therapy

Guided biofilm therapy is a highly safe and effective procedure. It is so gentle that it can be used for patients with tongue or gum diseases, braces, crowns, or implants and suits every age group. Some of the benefits that make it a most sought cleaning method are that it is less invasive, delivers superior results and is much faster than traditional methods.

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