Hair fall is common; both in men and women, though the pattern of hair loss is different in both parties. The only thing common about hair fall in both men and women is genetics. The heredity in both of them may cause hair loss at any age to anyone. Intense hair fall may also lead to baldness. Baldness is known as something only men suffer from, but surprisingly 40% of women around the world also face baldness or intense hair loss. What to do about it now? As one man or any women start noticing the symptoms of hair fall, they should seek medical attention as soon as they can.

Let’s see the difference of hair fall between men and women. There are two types of hair loss cases which is known as ‘androgenetic alopecia’. In men it is known as male pattern baldness and in females it is known as female pattern baldness.

The hair loss case in men is different than women; men will notice thinning of hair around the temple in the early 20’s. And some men start going bald just in 5 years after going through intense hair loss. The hair loss pattern for men is also different like once the hair fall begins, the hair will fall off first from the forehead and moving back towards the crown forming a M shape.

As for the women, once they start hair fall they will notice thinning of hair in the middle of their head. Most women don’t lose hair from the hairline which most of the men does. Also, women will start observing hair fall issues in their 50’s while a man start their hair loss journey in their 20’s.

The reason why females don’t go through intense hair fall or balding is because they have less andogenin their bodies; this is one of the main reasons why female’s hair loss differ from men.

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