Every woman needs to get regular gynecological care from a qualified practitioner to detect health issues at the early stages. Capital Women’s Care is setting standards in the Fair Oaks gynecological care by using state of the art equipment and services of certified practitioners. The team is ready to handle women of all ages battle different problems.

Available Services at Capital Women’s Care

  • Well-Woman Exams- As a woman, you need to take additional care in your sexual health. This center allows you to get the annual well-woman exam to identify problems early. You are also advised on the methods of staying healthier in the days to come. You will find a team specialized in high-risk pregnancy care, pap smear, endometriosis, and fibroids, ensuring that your reproductive and menopause years pass through smoothly.
  • Contraception Management- Sexually active women can choose between permanent or temporary contraceptive options. The OG/BYN team at Capital Women’s Care helps you to settle on the best contraception depending on your lifestyle and preferences.
  • Menopause Symptom Treatment- Menopause can hold you back by messing up your sex life. At Capital Women’s Care, you can get hormone replacement therapy to reduce vaginal dryness, hot flashes, weight gain, and insomnia. The team uses your hormonal levels to prescribe customized treatment to help you battle the symptoms.
  • STD Screening and Treatment- A sexually transmitted infection can cause adverse effects on your reproductive system if left untreated. You can visit Capital Women’s Care Division 45 to get STD screening and treatment. You can also receive urgent care at the clinic if you are a victim of rape or had unprotected sex. Urinary incontinence treatment is also available.
  • Gynecological Care- You can get regular gynecological examinations and guidance when problems are detected early. The team helps women suffering from pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding, and other threats to their reproductive system. You can visit the center for your annual gynecological exam. You can also visit the center if you are suffering from ovarian cysts, irregular and heavy periods, and pelvic pain. Polycystic ovary syndrome care is also available at the center.
  • Breast Examination- An exam of the breasts helps you to detect breast cancer early. The practitioners use a mammogram and inspecting them with their hands in the detection of breast cancer. Women above twenty years are advised to perform self-breast examinations monthly and a professional exam at least once a year.
  • Pregnancy Care- Pregnant women are delicate and in need of urgent care and attention using state of the art equipment like the ultrasound equipment. The team of obstetricians provides care before conception, during pregnancy, and after delivery, ensuring that you and the newborn remains healthy for more days to come. Women are also accorded postpartum depression counseling to help them stay strong emotionally.
  • Infertility Treatment- The problem of not being able to conceive affects a woman in different dimensions. The physicians at Capital Women’s Care can help you to get pregnant. Tests are run to determine your ability to conceive and viable measures. Treatment is provided depending on each specific condition.
  • Hysterectomy- Conditions like uterine prolapse, adenomyosis, endometriosis, or adenomyosis can prompt you to remove the uterus. The surgeons at Capital Women’s Care use advanced tech to conduct partial and full hysterectomy. The doctors determine the best type of hysterectomy for each patient.

You can call Capital Women’s Care Division 45 or book an online appointment at any time of the day.