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Asthma is a chronic condition that affects both women and children across the globe and can be life-threatening if not appropriately handled. If you experience asthma in Turlock, a team of qualified physicians at Express Lane Urgent Care located in Turlock, California, is ready to offer you personalized treatment and consultation services during business hours. The team thoroughly evaluates you before diagnosis by monitoring your breathing. Below are some of the services offered at Express lane Urgent Care:

  • Pink eye common among children, it is an infection that attacks the eyelids. Pink eye occurs due to allergies, bacterial or viral infections, and reaction to eye drops. The disease attacks adults too. The physician diagnoses you with a pink eye after a cross-examination or on rare occasions by taking a sample of your eye fluid to the lab.
  • Flu- if you experience flu symptoms like chest discomfort, chills, or sore throat, an experienced panel of practitioners at Express Lane Urgent Care is ready to help. The dedicated physicians will treat you for flu by administering the proper medications to combat the severity of the flu, including antiviral drugs and inhaled medications appropriate for the entire family. Flu can be cruel for people with a weak immune system and should, therefore, be handled correctly.
  • Sinus- is caused by a swelling in the delicate sinuses. The inflammation can cause a build-up of sinuses, which may lead to an infection. The inflammation is caused by such factors as a common cold, nasal polyps, allergic rhinitis, weakened immune system, or regular smoking. Symptoms include bad breath, cough, loss of smell, and fever, among others. Visit Express Lane Urgent Care to find out the most appropriate sinus treatment for you.

sinus treatment

  • Strep throat- is a highly contagious bacterial infection that can make swallowing a painful experience. When you avoid swallowing you tend to eat less than is needed with can lead to malnutrition. It is caused by viral infections and allergies, and the main symptom is a sore throat. The compassionate panel at Express Lane Urgent Care is ready to conduct strep tests and treat you and your family for sore throat.
  • Urinary Tract Infection- the infection can cause agonizing pain and a burning sensation when relieving yourself. Common symptoms of urinary tract infection include frequent cloudy urine, strong-smelling urine, and difficulty while emptying your bladder. Despite being common among women, this condition affects men too. UTI can lead to severe implications if left untreated. The diagnosis is done through an examination of the urinary sample and is treatable through antibiotics and vaginal estrogen therapy.
  • Bronchitis- do you experience a shortness of breath and a nagging cough? This could be a respiratory issue called bronchitis. It is caused by having a weakened immune system, severe cold, or having a history of bronchitis. The qualified medics at Express Lane Urgent Care will conduct an x-ray, examine your breathing, and run some laboratory tests to confirm bronchitis and proceed to help you improve from bronchitis speedily.

You can walk in during business hours, schedule an appointment, or call Express Lane Urgent Care for containment of the conditions mentioned above for a better healthy life.

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