Best Portable Vaporizer for a Parent Trying to Hide Their Use

Best Portable Vaporizer for a Parent Trying to Hide Their Use

Best Portable Vaporizer for a Parent Trying to Hide Their Use

In many places across the Western world in this day and age, there is less and less shame and stigma attached to various forms of cannabis consumption, for recreational use and especially medical purposes. Now that pot is becoming widely available and accessible to people of all types, for all sorts of reasons, some grown adults may find themselves alluded to the many benefits which can be taken advantage of. With all the hype around the ever-growing vaporizing scene, there’s even more reason to give the old green bud a shot for health reasons or otherwise, since vaporizing has been proven over and over to be less detrimental to health than smoking is by a longshot.

All this combined may leave some parents out there wondering: what exactly is the best portable vaporizer they can get to discreetly self-medicate without making it too obvious for their children? There’s no one answer, but there are certainly tons of vaporizers out there marketed and designed specifically on their merits of stealth and discretion, and these are of course the ones you want to be looking at. Some can be found at all price ranges too, so there’s no need to dish out a couple hundred bucks you can’t even afford just to feel like you’re not setting a bad example as a parent.

Just keep in mind, this isn’t a long-term solution and you will very likely have to have a discussion with your kids one day! Of course they might be too young to even understand in which case of course have some tact and wait until they are old enough, but if your kids are already nearing adulthood at around sixteen, it’s worth having a bit of faith in their intelligence and trying to have a detailed talk about why it is that you use, and why it is that they probably shouldn’t use yet at their own age.

With all of that said, my absolute best recommendation would have to be the Firefly 2 vaporizer. This is the highest end model there is, so maybe try and get it from your significant other as a gift is possible! This vaporizer combines the best convection heating technology with a sleek USB flash drive-sized design. It heats up in five seconds flat, and the temperature can be controlled through an app. For some cheaper options, there are a lot of vaporizers out there disguised as asthma pumps, which could be perfect for convincing your kid you’re just taking your medicine.

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