Do you want tan skin? Finally, you don’t need to have a hard time and waste energy to expose your skin to sunlight because MT2 is here to help you. Tan skin is well known as a perfectly natural and beautiful color of the skin. The easiest and fastest way to achieve tan skin now exists. It will help you achieve the tan skin that you desire without spending too much time in exposing yourself to the sun. MT2 is much quicker to attain tan skin and the fastest way of healing the damage of your cells in the skin from the sun. MT2 is developed and best suited for the people who have pale skin and likely burn in the sun. Too much exposure in UV rays can harm your health and skin that’s why MT2 is here to help you and solve that problem. Melanin will minimize sun exposure and gain maximum tanning effect. That’s how MT2 works for you to achieve your skin color desires. It requires sun exposure to be more effective and achieve excellent results. It helps and minimizes the harmful UV rays from the sun. Injections of MT2 is the best and most effective way, don’t believe in other easy steps because it is false steps.

Basic guide in applying MT2

MT2 is an ongoing therapy that needs starting dosage and maintenance to achieve excellent results of tan skin. It takes time to develop but with patience and the right amount of dosage your desire will succeed. MT2 is sold and transported 10mg freeze-dried powder in sterilizing sealed. It requires reconstitution with hygienic water before it will use. The proper way of using MT2 is through injections pf peptide.

melanotan ii 10mg

The proper way to use dosing and mixing of your skin type

We all have different skin types. In using melanotan ii 10mg is only required for people who have III-VI skin type only. To know and measure correctly between the differences between skin tones and dark skin tones. Fitzpatrick skin type chart is here to help you determine the differences in all skin types.

Fitzpatrick skin type

  • Skin Type I. It is very fair, always burns and never tans. This is the pale skin.
  • Skin Type II. It is fair skin, always burn, and not infrequently tan. These are the skin that is fair not pale and not dark.
  • Skin Type III. This is the medium type of skin, sometimes it burns, and always tan.
  • Skin Type IV. Olive skin, this skin type rarely burns and tans.
  • Skin Type V. This skin type is modestly pigmented brown skin that never burns.
  • Skin Type VI. A definite pigment skin type that never burns and always tans.

How many doses to maintain the tan for season

It only depends on your skin type for the tan to maintain for the season. It is advisable requirements what are proper dosage to use and it depends on your skin type.

  • I – A skin type that requires to use 30 to 50mg
  • II – A skin type that requires to use 20 to 30mg
  • III- A skin type that requires to use 10 to 20 mg

To achieve excellently the tan skin, you need to follow the advisable requirements to achieve the tan skin that you desire.