Effective and Top Standard Fertility Preservation Treatments in New York

Effective and Top Standard Fertility Preservation Treatments in New York

Effective and Top Standard Fertility Preservation Treatments in New York

Infertility is a major worldwide problem that affects many families and communities. It is every couple’s dream and expectation of having a child after the wedding, unfortunately, when it does not happen, they worry and fear their risk of not being able to bear children. Infertility issues disrupt the peace of the family and even lead to the breakage of marriages; however, there are effective infertility treatments and measures to help reduce your risk of infertility. Innovation Fertility Preservation and IVF specialize in providing helpful fertility treatments to bring joy into people’s lives and improve their wellness. The New York fertility preservation specialist offers innovative techniques to help protect your fertility until you are ready for children, visit the practice today to learn more about their services.

At Innovation Fertility Preservation and IVF, Dr. Kutluk Oktay M.D., leads his highly skilled staff to serve patients with quality and compassionate care in Manhattan, New York. Dr. Oktay has expertise in endocrinology and fertility preservation and strives to help patients achieve successful results. He uses innovative techniques to help patients with medical conditions and cancer conserve their fertility. Call or book online today to schedule your appointment.

What is Fertility Preservation?

Fertility preservation involves treatment options for patients with a risk of losing their fertility due to medical conditions and treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and age. This method provides help to the patient so they can have children later, typically after their health has recovered. Some fertility preservation options include:

  •       Egg freezing.
  •       Testicular tissue freezing.
  •       In vitro maturation.
  •       Ovarian tissue freezing.
  •       In vitro fertilization and embryo freezing.
  •       Sperm freezing.

Fertility preservation allows you to protect your ability to bear children from cancer treatments’ effects, among other medical conditions. At Innovation Fertility Preservation and IVF, Dr. Oktay provides you with the best fertility preservation option that gives the most effective chance of having a child.

When Should You Consider a Fertility Preservation Treatment?

It is essential to consider fertility preservation when you have a health condition where treatments may destroy your reproductive organs, taking away your chance of producing a child after recovering from the treatment. Genetic disorders such as Turner Syndrome can lead to ovarian failure, hence the need for fertility preservation.

Chemotherapy, radiation, among other toxic medications, may harm the eggs, ovaries, and sperm leaving you infertile. Dr. Oktay is highly experienced and knows how to evaluate your potential risks and provide the best option to safeguard your childbearing ability.

What Are the Problems You Are Likely to Face During Fertility Preservation?

Patients are at risk of encountering many obstacles during fertility preservation. Among the most common problems a patient faces deals with timing, mostly when it comes to cancer treatments where there is a deadline. Dr. Oktay and his team organize with your oncologists to have your fertility preservation procedure within a short time before your cancer treatments.

The other problem you may face is when your medical condition requires special treatment to preserve fertility. For example, in the case of women with estrogen-sensitive breast cancer, they need ovarian stimulation to conserve their fertility through egg and embryo freezing safely.

If you have medical conditions or are undergoing medical treatments that may damage your ability to produce children, fertility preservation may be the right treatment for you. Visit Innovation Fertility and IVF center today to protect your fertility.

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