Did You Know About Dental Crowns and Bridges?

Did You Know About Dental Crowns and Bridges?

Did You Know About Dental Crowns and Bridges?

Crowns and bridges are very popular in the dentistry field, but you may not know what they are. Crowns are components that are made from ceramic and fused in the artificial roots to resemble natural teeth. On the other hand, bridges are techniques that can be used to replace your lost teeth. When you lose your teeth, you can replace them using several ways, where all of the methods use crowns. According to research, bridges substitute teeth replacement techniques such as endosteal, subperiosteal, and zygomatic. For dental care and teeth replacement, book an appointment with crowns & bridges in Springfield specialists since they are the best.

Who are the best candidates for crowns and bridges?

Both adults and children are at risk of suffering teeth or tooth loss. According to research, failure to replace your lost teeth or tooth may cause you to suffer other dental complications such as loss of jawbone, distorted speech, difficulties chewing, and crooked teeth. If you have some lost teeth, then you are the best candidate for crowns and bridges. Moreover, crowns and bridges are suitable for people with weak jawbones. Below are types of crowns and bridges.

The major types of crowns and bridges

There are many types of crowns and bridges that you can have. Your doctor will suggest the type of crowns and bridges to have. The difference between crowns occurs depending on the metal alloys used to make it. Types of crowns include ceramic, titanium, steel, aluminum, gold, and porcelain crowns.  On the other hand, dental bridges are available in different forms, and the type of dental bridge to undergo is determined by your doctor. The primary types of dental bridges are traditional bridges, resin-bond bridges or Maryland bridges, and cantilever bridges. The significant difference between Maryland bridges and cantilever bridges is that with Maryland bridges, their porcelain crowns are supported by the metal frame. In contrast, cantilever bridges are supported by teeth on one side. Below are the importance of crowns and bridges.

The common advantages of crowns and bridges

Since crowns and bridges are a way of replacing your missing teeth, they have a very great impact on your oral health. They restore your smile, face shape, and confidence. Having some missing teeth destroys your facial appearance making you look old. It is also stressful to smile with friends when your mouth has a missing tooth or teeth. According to research, for you to have a good pronunciation of words, your teeth must be involved. When you have missing teeth, you are likely to deliver distorted and non-understandable speech. Crowns and bridges help to retain the standard speaking procedures. Moreover, crowns and bridges help to keep your jawbone growing.  

Crowns and bridges have helped many people across the world to regain their full oral functionality. Through crowns and bridges, you are capable of having good meals since you can chew both soft and hard meals. Advantage Dental Care is a health center you can consult for crown and bridge procedures.

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