The commonly referred term of Diabetes is medically known as Diabetes Mellitus. This is a disease which falls under the jurisdiction of the group of metabolic diseases. In these cases, blood sugar levels become uncontrollable in normal course of life and taking insulin from outside of the body become necessary at those cases. Diabetes grows either due to not producing or less production of enough insulin from the pancreas or the cells of the body is not responding properly to the produced insulin.

Types of Diabetes

There are mainly three types of diabetes according to medical science. Those are-


  • Type 1- In this kind of Diabetes mellitus pancreas fails to produce enough insulin. Previously this kind of diabetes was referred as the insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. This is also known as juvenile diabetes, as this kind is used to seen among the children or the juveniles.
  • Type 2- In this case, diabetes begins with the insulin resistance issue. In this kind, the cells of the body fail to respond properly to the insulin. Because of that, as the diabetes progresses, lack of insulin formation also develops. This kind of diabetes was previously known as non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. These are seen in adults mainly so as named as adult-onset diabetes.
  • Gestational diabetes: the last form of diabetes, which is mainly seen in the pregnant women. This is the kind of diabetes or high blood sugar levels, occurs without any previous history of diabetes in the body of the would be mother.

Signs and symptoms

Like other diseases, diabetes has its own signs and symptoms. These are the signs like normally built up in the body and spreads silently. This ‘silent killer’ can cause damage for life time. There are some strong indications of considering once of forming diabetes. Those are-

  • Losing or gaining weight: if anyone is losing or gaining weight frequently, then it can be the early signs of diabetes. Gaining weight is one of the risk factors which can’t be ignored. Losing weight is also risky. Actually when one is losing blood sugar through the frequent urinations, then automatically the calories will lose.
  • Excessive hungriness:  Excessive hungry and frequent food taking due to that, can be the sing of blood sugar. When one has high level of blood sugar, the body grows the problem of regulating the glucose level. If the blood sugar patients are having high carbohydrates, then the body shoots out much more insulin and the glucose level drops quickly.
  •  Feeling fatigue: feeling tired or fatigue is another symptom of diabetes.  In many cases of type 2 diabetes, this kind of sing is seen.
  • Blurry vision: sometimes blurry visions can alert you regarding diabetes. Building high glucose can affect the vision.
  • Frequent urination: If anyone is suffering from frequent urge of urination, then it might be alarming.
  • Frequent infections: frequent infections and delayed in hilling of cuts or wounds can be the early sign.

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