Our overall wellness goes a long way in determining how we perform in all activities and influences how satisfied we are with our lives. However, some areas like sexual health, keeping our weight in check, aesthetics, and hormone balancing could be a little embarrassing to talk about, let alone have them taken care of. The Wellness Restoration Center understands that you might be skeptical about opening up or having such issues treated and thus create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable and have your cares addressed. What exactly do these issues entail, and how are they treated?

  • Weight Loss

Weight loss is not only a great challenge to many but also increases the chances of chronic illnesses and serious conditions like osteoarthritis. Weight can also put pressure on your mental health and cause low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. You might have tried hitting the gym, but the programs do not support your needs, and you end up getting frustrated. It is time to try physician-directed weight loss alternatives, which involve intermittent fasting plans. The method not only gets rid of unwanted body fat but also preserves lean muscle and reduces inflammation. The plans usually depend on your goal and current health condition.

Plans for a Healthier Life

  • Hormone Balancing

More than 400 functions of your body depend on your hormones. Therefore, hormone levels are not easily ignored. These imbalances can cause panic attacks, reduced sexual desire, weight gain, hair loss, depression, anxiety, and mood swings. The specialist has to sit with you to diagnose the cause and assess your needs. After a complete diagnosis, they might suggest treatment plans like capsules, injections, creams, or even pellet therapy if the medication doesn’t work. Pellet therapy involves slight surgical implantation of a pellet that supplies a steady amount of hormones to your body for up to six months.

Whatever your issue is, it may be a good idea to seek intervention as soon as possible. The above issues are not voluntary, and you should not be ashamed to seek intervention. You stand to have a better lifestyle and live an overall happier life.