Causes of Shoulder Pain

Causes of Shoulder Pain

Causes of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Your health is crucial to your performance at work, and at home, especially if your routine is physically intensive. You require sound health to perform your duties and to ensure your productivity remains optimal. Having health problems could mean that your performance at work declines. Any pain on your body impairs your ability to function in the workplace and at home. The pain not only affects your physical strength but also affects you mentally. Dealing with physical pain may frustrate you, and could lead to relationship issues due to irritability. It would help if you learned to understand any pain on your body, such as shoulder pain and seek immediate medical attention. Shoulder pain may affect your ability to move certain parts of your upper body, and if left untreated, it can spread to other body parts rendering you immobile. Shoulder pain occurs due to several factors, and understanding the cause of your pain can help you to seek the right medical treatment. If you suffer from shoulder pain in Ramsey, visit our specialist for specialized care, and get relief from the condition that may become chronic if left unattended.


You may pull back your shoulder too hard or may experience a rotation of your shoulder beyond its ability. When your shoulder moves beyond its natural rotation ability, you may have a dislocation. It occurs when your lower part of the shoulder disengages from the shoulder socket point. It may result in bruising and numbness in the affected area.


You may engage in vigorous sports or activities that may push your collar bone hard enough to disengage it from the shoulder blade. The acromioclavicular joint disengages and the shoulder blade and collarbone separate. The traumatic force tears the ligaments that hold the two parts together and causes bruising of the joint area.

Causes of Shoulder Pain


A fracture occurs when your bone breaks and can affect your shoulder area. You may fracture your collarbone faster due to its delicate nature. Severe accidents may leave your arm bone broken, which in turn can affect your shoulder. A fracture is more severe as it causes a breakage of bones as opposed to the tearing of ligaments. It causes impairment of the shoulder area and may make you unable to lift any object.

Cartilage Tear

The ball and socket joint consists of a semi-hard substance between the bones of the arm bone and the shoulder. When you absorb a large amount of force, the cartilage may tear and cause immense pain. The cartilage helps to absorb shock on the shoulder joint. It also helps to lubricate the joint area to avoid friction between the connecting bones.

Rotator Cuff Tear

A rotator cuff tear consists of the muscles that help you make coordinated movements of your arms. These muscles help you to generate enough strength to lift your arms above your shoulder, and lift objects. The muscles may tear from a fast and forceful movement or may wear out from age-related factors. People engaging in sports activity may wear the muscle out due to consistent and repeated actions. The pain generated may occur while at rest and may also cause a cracking sound when motion occurs.

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