Compression fractures can cause debilitating problems that can make you a dependent at home or any other place for mobility. The issue mostly arises from osteoporosis, another condition that can drain you. Find relief by seeking the services of a compression fracture in Shrewsbury expert to help you lead a better life. Steve Paragioudakis, MD, and company offer specialized treatment options that relieve pain and improve your mobility.

How do compression fractures affect you?

Compressional fractures come about when you have weak bones that break when you exert your average weight on them. Compression fractures do not break your bones, but they become flat with extreme pain when you try to accomplish any activity. Bone compressions mostly affect your vertebrae and often need the attention of your doctor.

Vertebrae compression comes in many ways; however, most affect you similarly with a need to see a doctor. Auto accidents and traumatic injuries are the largest causes of vertebrae compressions. Other causes of bone compressions include tumors that work by weakening the bone parts and finally collapsing them. However, osteoporosis is an issue that also plays a part in bone compressions. The condition gradually weakens your bone due to the loss of density, making them brittle. With osteoporosis, you lose your ability to walk and even run, becoming dependent on those around you.

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What are the major symptoms associated with osteoporosis?  

You will know you have an issue with your bones when you feel pain accompanied by deformities in the spinal region. Symptoms vary with people, as some report coughs and sneezes. However, the most common ones include neck pains that are exuberated by coughing or sneezes.

Symptoms of the issue worsen with time if you do not seek the services of a doctor sooner.

Compression structures also cause other undesirable consequences when ignored, as with time, you will begin to notice a hunched appearance that might disturb your self-esteem. The appearance occurs because of the nature of compression fractures to affect the front bones more, making you grow unevenly.

Available treatment options to help deal with compressional fractures

At the Center for the Functional Restoration of the Spine, you will meet various treatments that will offer you long-lasting relief. The main aim of the treatment is to go beyond the pain caused by the condition. Your surgeon will carry out a series of tests that determine the most suitable treatment for your problems.

The most used treatment for the conditions include:

  •         Kyphoplasty

This procedure involves an injection with bone cement. However, before the injection, you will receive an inflated balloon that raises the treated area to a considerable height. The procedure helps in the reduction of the severity of kyphosis, leading to stabilization.

  •         Vertebroplasty

This procedure involves the use of medical glue with advanced imaging tools. The glue gradually leads to strength and a reduction of the associated symptoms.

 Relieve your pain by having vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty from the Center for the Functional Restoration of the Spine. Return to your favorite activities by taking charge and visiting the center. Call the center for an appointment or visit the website for a chance with your doctor.