According to statistics, a significant percentage of men and women snore at one point in their life. The boisterous, raspy snoring sounds might not be a serious condition. However, if you or your partner cannot sleep due to chronic or loud snoring, it can be bothersome. At Houston Sinus Surgery, Cecil Yeung, MD, one of the most experienced ENT physicians in the Houston area, provides innovative diagnostics and treatments for snoring in Houston. The team is dedicated to helping you find out the cause of your snoring and providing effective relief. For a more peaceful night’s sleep, call or book a snoring consultation online today.

Why Do You Snore?

When we fall asleep, the muscles of the roof of our mouth, throat, and tongue relax in such a way that they might, to some extent, block our airway. Snoring is the vibration sound that results when air vibrates against the overly relaxed airway soft tissues.

Does Everyone Snore?

No! However, most people snore sporadically. Loud or chronic snoring might signify a sleep disorder known as sleep apnea. If not treated urgently, sleep apnea can result in serious complications. Some of the factors that make one more likely to snore include:

  •         Being a man.
  •         Having a narrow airway.
  •         Being overweight.
  •         Drinking alcohol.
  •         Having tonsils, a large tongue, or additional oral tissues.
  •         Having a family history of sleep apnea or snoring.
  •         Being chronically congested.
  •         Having structural abnormalities such as a deviated septum.

When Does Snoring Require Treatment?

You should consider seeking medical consultation and treatment if snoring affects your quality of life or that one of your loved ones. You should also book an appointment with the doctor if; you have chest pains, gag, gasp, or choke when asleep, stop breathing at night, have high blood pressure, or experience sore throats or morning headaches. Snoring often disrupts your sleep, preventing your body from getting the rest it requires to keep healthy. Dr. Yeung can also help patients with sleep deprivation symptoms, including excessive sleepiness, brain fog or forgetfulness, moodiness, and trouble concentrating.

Diagnosis and Snoring Treatments

Is Snoring in Children Serious?

Snoring occasionally is normal for your child. However, if your child has sleep apnea symptoms or stops breathing at night, you should take your child for medical evaluation. Children with sleep deprivation can also have poor school performance, behavioral issues, and poor attention span.

How Is Snoring Treated?

When you visit a snoring specialist, the provider starts by diagnosing the primary cause of snoring.  The doctor might then recommend lifestyle changes such as weight loss, sleeping on your side for mild snoring cases, or medications such as nasal decongestants. For severe snoring, you might require to undertake therapies such as automatic positive airway pressure (APAP) or a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) mask to improve your breathing or custom-made oral appliance therapy (OAT) that helps prevent obstruction of your airways. If the condition does not improve, you may be required to go for surgery.

In conclusion, if your snoring has sleep apnea symptoms or is interfering with your sleep or that of your bedmates, you should seek medical help. For the best treatment, call or schedule an appointment online today at Houston Sinus Surgery.