Aesthetic Treatments in New Mexico

Aesthetic Treatments in New Mexico

Aesthetic Treatments in New Mexico

Freya’s Lair Medical Spa is an aesthetic center and wellness Spa located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The highly-experienced and technically qualified nurse practitioners aim at meeting the aesthetic desires of its patients. The nurses blend cosmetic spa treatments with medical science to offer services that give patients naturally glowing youthful bodies and skin. Services administered at this facility are up-to-standard to ensure they reach the individual wellness of a patient. The goal of this center is to boost the self-confidence of their patients.

About Professionals and Services

All the practitioners at the center are board-certified to perform the various aesthetic treatment procedures. The treatment room design ensures the comfortability of patients. This nature of the hospital gives patients a pleasant relaxed atmosphere where they can easily unwind. This feeling aims at giving patients a home appeal during their treatment sessions. The medical personnel also handle individual patients with care to ensure treatments run as scheduled.

What are the services offered?

The medical Spa offers treatment for aesthetic conditions such as line and wrinkles, acne, body fat, cellulite, pigmentation, scars, aging spots, sagging jowls, hair loss, unwanted hair, and double chins. Performing these treatment procedures requires the incorporation of high-quality products, cosmetics, and advanced technology. Some of the treatments provided for these various conditions include laser and skincare therapy, non-surgical lifts and weight loss procedures, cosmetic injectables, and chemical peels.

Additional services provided by the center include Injection for Vitamin B, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin 4, Vitamin C, and also supplements. The practitioners also offer permanent makeup, varicose vein treatments, hydro dermabrasion, and sclerotherapy. Some services aimed at cutting or reducing weight loss are also present at the center. Nurse practitioners also offer consultation services to their clients. All these services aim at improving an individual’s appearance based on their desires.

What are the reviews about the center?

The medical practitioners at the facility accept and value reviews from their patients since they serve as a reflection of how well they administer their services. To date, the facility boasts a rating of five out of five on three ratings.

How to contact the center

The Medical Spa is open during the day for most days of the week except Sunday and Monday. To schedule an appointment, one can directly reach the medical team through their direct line or schedule an online appointment. If you live around New Mexico, you can also visit the center at Riverside Plaza for consultation services or an appointment. For any queries concerning the services offered at the center, send it through their email address or their mobile line.

The services provided at this Medical Spa aim at meeting the body goals desires of patients. The medical practitioners at this center incorporate their vast knowledge in performing aesthetic treatments and therapy. Mainly, the treatments provided aim at improving body shape treating skin conditions. These aesthetic procedures restore the patient’s appearance giving them a youthful look. This youthful look improves their confidence and self-esteem. Increasing the efficiency of treatments requires the use of highly advanced medical technology.

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