Our eyelids are the protective coverings of our eyes and as our eyes undergo problems, eyelids too are prone to a few problems though they are rarely serious. However, if you are worried, you should see your doctor.

Especially if you have pain in or around your eyes or loss of vision, you should immediately see your doctor.

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Here are various eyelid conditions. They will give you an idea of what exactly might be wrong but you shouldn’t self-diagnose your condition.

1. Sticky, Flaky or Itchy Eyelids

Flaky and itchy eyelids may be caused due to inflamed edge of eyelid (blepharitis) or dry eye. Eyelids may even stick together becoming difficult to open, especially after waking up.

These conditions may be irritating but are not always serious. Irritation can be reduced by keeping eyelids clean and applying artificial tears in case of dry eyes.

Itchy and flaky eyelids can also be caused by contact dermatitis or conjunctivitis.

2. Eyelid Cyst or Swollen Eyelid

Swollen upper or lower eyelid is quite common and happens due to a meibomian cyst (also known as a chalazion). This condition takes place when the glands in the eyelids are blocked.

The size of the cyst may vary from barely noticeable to the size of a grape. It normally takes weeks to grow. It’s not typically painful but if infected, can become red and painful.

These cysts can come and go without needing any treatment though total recovery may take a few months. Holding a clean soft cloth warmed in hot water on the eye for five minutes each time, 3 to 4 times in a day up to 4 weeks can help healing.

3. Droopy or Hooded Upper Eyelids

With age, it’s pretty common to have surplus skin above upper eyelids that may overhang and obstruct your vision. This is known as dermatochalasis. If it’s blocking your vision, it should be removed with surgery (blepharoplasty). You can have droopy eyelid fix in Bondi Junction by Dr Naveen Somia.

If your upper eyelid’s edge droops down, it’s known as ptosis. This is normally age-related and takes place slowly.

Rarely, ptosis may not be age-related and may take place due to serious conditions like a brain tumour or myasthenia gravis. If that’s the case, there are chances of other symptoms too such as headache, changed size of pupil or loss of vision. In such a condition, you should see your doctor immediately.

4. Lumps on or around Eyelids

As they can occur anywhere in the skin, lumps can take place on or around eyelids too. Many of them are simple cysts or styes. However, infrequently they may account to a more serious condition like skin cancer and should be removed.

5. Lower Eyelid Rolling Outward

With age, one or both lower eyelids can droop away from the eyes and outwards. This condition is called ectropion. During this condition, normal production of tears is hampered leading to dry, red and irritated eyes.

In mild cases, there is no need of any treatment though ointment or drops may help you in making the eyes more comfortable. A minor surgery may be needed sometimes to rectify the eyelid’s position.

6. Eyelids Rolling Inwards

The condition of eyelids rolling inwards is called entropion and it normally affects lower eyelids but can affect upper lids too. Just like ectropion, this is normally age-related.

Eyes may become uncomfortable and watery due to entropion because the lashes rub against the front of the eye (cornea) irritating it. In mild conditions, eye drops may be enough to make eyes comfortable.

However, severe entropion may be painful and may even lead to vision loss because of damage to cornea. Sometimes even a corneal ulcer may be formed and become infected. In such a condition, a surgery may be required.

Take good care of your eye health so that you can see this beautiful world without any problem.