5 Common Kids’ Oral Health Mistakes by Parents

5 Common Kids’ Oral Health Mistakes by Parents

5 Common Kids’ Oral Health Mistakes by Parents

Your child’s mouth undergoes a fair share of changes from the time their first tooth starts to show to when their last permanent tooth develops. It is important for you to be vigilant during your child’s development if you want to set them on the path to stellar dental health. At Academy Dental East Orange Orthodontics, we believe that your child’s journey to a great smile starts when their first tooth comes out of the gum. We provide comprehensive dental care to enable your child to grow with superb oral health.

We now look at five common mistakes that parents make when looking after their kid’s oral health, and the measures you can take to avoid them.

  1. Waiting Too Long Before Starting to Brush Regularly

Many parents disregard starting to brush their kid’s teeth regularly until they have a full set of teeth. The right time to start brushing should be when the first tooth erupts. Regular brushing when your kid’s teeth are developing is a sure way to avoid cavities. You should ensure to use a toothbrush that has been specially designed for kids. Help your kid brush their teeth until they are able to do it on their own without requiring supervision.

  1. Failure to use the Right Kind of Toothpaste

You should brush your kid’s teeth using fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride helps in the retention of vital minerals required to keep your teeth strong. It is also essential in the repair of parts of the tooth which have been affected by bacteria.  Most times, “kid-friendly” toothpastes may not be the right choice for boosting your child’s oral health. Dr.Navleen may also recommend the use of fluoride supplements.

  1. Waiting Too Long Before Introducing Kids to Dental Floss

Did you know that regular brushing only helps clean about half of your kid’s teeth surface area? Flossing helps clean hard-to-reach spots including the area between your teeth. There can be plenty of spaces between your child’s teeth during development, which can be easily cleaned by flossing. Your child can easily learn how to floss during this time.

  1. Failure to Ensure Kids Brush and Floss after Snacks

Most parents believe that it is enough to brush and floss twice a day. However, it is important to teach your kids to brush and floss after having a snack to help get rid of food particles between the teeth. Sugary, warm, and moist environments provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that cause cavities. You should also discourage your kids from consuming sugary snacks.

  1. Long Waits before Starting Regular Dental Care

According to the American Dental Association, children should start making visits to the dentist after their first birthday. Regular dental exams are essential since your dentist gets to provide cavity-prevention measures such as topical fluoride and sealants. Routine dental care also helps reduce your child’s fear for a dentist, which can be a stumbling block to their oral health.

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