Due to busy schedules, it is easy for you to forget about getting a wellness exam. Annual wellness exams play a vital part in your health care plan. Regardless of whether you have scheduled your wellness exam or not, it is time to reconsider their importance. Harbor Community Health Centers is a leader in Primary Care Practice in San Pedro. We provide preventive screenings to help you be at prime health at every stage in your life. Why get wellness exams?

Read on!

  1. You get preventive screenings

Wellness exams are vital in promoting proactive health care. Regular health tests are crucial in establishing your vulnerability to disease and informing a treatment plan to help avert the risk. It is easier and less costly to prevent a health condition than to treat one. You become more susceptible to health conditions as you advance in age, making it crucial to visit us for screening. Common preventive screenings include blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes checks.

  1. It makes it easier for you to maintain your best health

Your wellness exams are comprised of vital organs assessment and a complete physical examination. Through these tests, our team gets a better understanding of your health status to help advise you on the best ways to achieve your health goals. Your doctor will help you keep a check on your weight through diet and physical exercise going from the BMI readings. You can also get vaccinated against existing diseases to help you remain in optimum health.

  1. You can make informed health care decisions 

You require professional advice to help make decisions about your lifestyle goals. Our doctors can recommend lifestyle and nutritional changes to help improve your health if you are living with chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. This can also be the best time to ask your doctor about the wellness tests which are covered by your insurer.

  1. You Get Time to ask questions

It is easy for you to not adhere to your health care needs due to busy schedules caused by family and career life. Giving wellness exams priority provides you with an opportunity to have your health concerns answered by your doctor. No question is off-limit: You should not feel embarrassed to ask anything about your body.

  1. Helps Establish a Strong Relationship With your Doctor

Regular health checks are a great way to help you build close relationships with your doctor. Your doctor has a clear understanding of your health history, risk of other health conditions, and existing medical conditions. It helps to have a close working relationship with your doctor if you suffer from chronic conditions, since you may require guidance in times of emergency when away from the hospital.

We help you manage your health in every stage of life by offering customized health care to help achieve your goals. We help you understand what to expect as your health needs change through life. Visit us today to learn more about the benefits of regular health exams.