If you are in your 40s, and you heard the stories about menopause, so you are already thinking about the possible outcomes, don’t worry. Whatever the symptoms are, there are easy remedies which you can apply in your everyday life.

What is menopause?

The menopause is a natural shut down of the ovaries, and in that point, menstruation stops. It usually comes at 51 years of age, but it can happen earlier or later. It’s not established for how long menopause will last, because that is different for every woman, but it can last for even 10 years. While ovaries are not functioning anymore, they are not producing hormones which are essential for your menstruation.

Menopause is a natural transition when ovaries stop to function


Depending on what kind of the symptoms you are experiencing, the treatment can be adjusted to you and that is done in the specialized clinics such as menopause clinic in Perth like Australian Menopause Centre.  If you are experiencing a light form of the symptoms there are a few things which you can apply to help yourself.

Changing a lifestyle is a big one. If you incorporate in your everyday activities some relaxing exercises and techniques of breathing, that can help you relax and handle your mood swings and emotional changes such as depression and anxiety, but also headaches and dizziness.

Your hair may become thin and dry and your skin may be sensitive and dry, so make sure to hydrate them regularly. When it comes to hot flushes, they can be triggered by some food or drinks, and those are usually caffeine, alcohol, spicy food, hot food and maybe for you something more. If you figure out what is starting your hot flushes, cut those things or use it rarely.

Ease your symptoms for a better life

If you have night sweats, you may wake up in a lot of sweat, where your sheets can even be wet. Sleep in a cooler room and maybe fan could also help. Also, for night sweats and hot flushes, the effective are ginseng and black cohosh, which you can find in supplements.

Vaginal dryness can be very frustrating because it usually causes pain during intercourse. For this, lubricants can be very effective, and before the intercourse, take some time to relax more and to start slowly. Osteoporosis is very possible when menopause begins, so taking vitamin D and calcium supplements can be very helpful.

If you wish to reduce your symptoms more, or if your symptoms are quite heavy, it will be wise to consult with your doctor. If you are living in Australia, we can recommend menopause clinic in Brisbane like Australian Menopause Centre where you will get the proper examination, and hormonal therapy which will be suited for you.

Final word

If you can treat your symptoms on your own then you are very lucky. If you are having a hard time to deal with your symptoms, visit your doctor and make your life easier.