Many deaths in the world occur as a result of diseases related to the heart. People have ignored living a healthy lifestyle, resulting in numerous deaths caused by poor and unhealthy diets and lack of exercising our bodies. Different types of cardiovascular diseases are brought about by unhealthy living and are causing much death when not treated. If you experience symptoms related to the heart, don’t look further, as a team of specialists from Arkansas regenerative medical centers offer treatment for cardiovascular diseases in Fayetteville. Call or book online to schedule an appointment with us.

What are the various cardiovascular diseases?

Heart disease

Heart disease is a condition that affects the flow of blood. Substances build up in the walls of the arteries making the passage narrow. The plaque can cause blood clots which block blood flow and can lead to heart attacks or a stroke.

Heart attack

A heart attack is caused by a lack of blood flow to a particular part of the heart due to a clot’s blockage. The clot can cut off blood flow to certain parts of the heart, causing the muscle to die with time.


A stroke occurs when a blood vessel that supplies blood to the brain is blocked. When the blood supply to some brain parts is cut off, some cells begin to die and lead to the loss of some functions controlled by that part of the brain.

Heart failure

Heart failure occurs when the heart weakens and cannot pump blood effectively to all parts of the body. The heart fails to satisfy the body’s need for oxygen and blood.


Arrhythmia is an abnormality in the way the heart functions. The heart can beat too slowly, referred to as bradycardia, where the heart rate is less than 60, or it can beat too fast, a condition known as tachycardia, where the heart rate is above 100 beats per minute.

Risk factors

Heart disease has various factors, which include:

  • Age- As people advance in age, they stand a high chance of developing cardiovascular disease. Also, the vascular walls experience changes as one continues aging, affecting its elasticity.
  • Smoking also increases the chances of a cardiovascular disease
  • Lack of body exercise can lead to problems such as ischemic heart disease
  • Consuming a diet with high fatty content poses a risk
  • High consumption of alcohol increases the risk

Ways to prevent cardiovascular diseases

  • Limit alcohol consumption to the recommended daily limits
  • Maintain a healthy diet by reducing consumption of saturated fat and consuming energy giving food
  • Avoid smoking tobacco or even being a passive smoker
  • Exercise regularly
  • Control of the blood sugar levels, which may cause high blood pressure, which has a high risk of causing cardiovascular disease
  • Getting enough sleep as recommend

Treatment of cardiovascular diseases depends on a person’s specific CVD. Some of the treatments include:

  • Surgery to repair damaged valves or remove blood clots
  • Lifestyle counseling and exercise
  • Medication to improve blood flow and heart rhythm regulation.

Various cardiovascular diseases have affected people, and others are not sure of where to get treated. Here at Arkansas regenerative medical center, we offer solutions for all these problems. Call us today to book an appointment with our specialists.