Everyday practitioners face patients with weight loss issues who are at a loss as to what is causing their dilemma. For many, the answers may be easier to diagnose, for others the cause could be harder to diagnose. If you’re one of the millions dealing with this question, there are some answers out there that surprisingly coincide with patients around the world. Whether this is your reason or not, the help of a medical professional, such as those who provide laser hair removal in Londonderry, can help get you started on the goal of better health through weight loss.


Our families pass along more than our eye color or hair color, instead, their genetics can affect every part of our bodies. If obesity or large BMIs have previously shown up in family histories, the chances are good that it could come around again. For those unlucky enough to lose this hereditary lottery, there may seem like no good way to fight the battle against weight gain. While genetics are hard to overcome, it isn’t impossible to work with. In fact, those same genetics can help doctors and medical professionals put together a weight loss plan built around the growing science surrounding DNA.


Medicine is a must-have for many going through chronic or short term conditions. Side effects you might think about cover headaches or pains or anything weird. Instead, many patients should look at how their medication affects their weight which is a common cause for problems in patients in the medicine Prednisone or a steroid in its class. While the medication is a lifesaver for many patients, the amount of weight gain it causes can be just as unsettling. Even worse, many patients who are prescribed the medication cannot go without it or face life-threatening issues. While there are some ways to combat the medicine’s negative effects, it is still a problem for those most in need of its help. Steroids are far from the only choice to increase your weight gain. Everything from mental health medications to allergy medicines can create extra pounds that are hard to remove, no matter how hard someone tries.


It might seem like the easiest reason why, but the reason you might be overeating is far more complicated than hunger. Stress eating is a well-known option in this category and its effects reach people of all ages, races, genders, and backgrounds. When we’re nervous, we tend to find comfort in food and the reason why is complex but actually dates back to our ancestral approach to care. For many, finding a better way to fight stress can lead to a range of choices like alcohol or drugs. In this case, both are just as dangerous as overeating as it leads to stress on the body itself and does nothing to quell fears.

The reason why you’re gaining weight could fall into one or all of these categories. While you might have an idea for what is causing this now, you need the help of a medical professional to make the most accurate diagnosis. While getting to the heart of the issue, these pros also know what you need to begin a safe, effective weight loss plan.