Dental implants offer the best long-term option to anyone who has lost a tooth or teeth to enjoy a more natural smile. When dental implants came, they offered the best option to replace a lost tooth or teeth compared to removable dentures or fixed bridges that were so hectic to maintain. Therefore, if you have lost a tooth or teeth, this is the best option for you. Doris Giraldo, DDS, is a trained and experienced dental specialist offering dental implants in Midtown Manhattan, NY, and can restore your smile. However, here are five things you should know about dental implants.

Implants Feel and Look Natural

The only difference between dental implants and your natural teeth when it comes to appearance and fee is that implants are not real teeth. Otherwise, other people will not notice that you have implants. This is because they are designed and customized to look, fit, and feel like your natural teeth. They are like perfect clones to the lost teeth and are not easily distinguishable from your other natural teeth.

Dental Implants can Protect Your Healthy Teeth

Other than just replacing lost teeth, dental implants protect your healthy teeth compared to other alternatives. Before the implants came, dental bridges were used as the teeth replacement option. However, they involved cutting some parts of the neighboring healthy teeth to get the best fit and balance of the bridge. Now, the bridges can be efficiently placed over the implants without having to cause harm to the alternative healthy teeth. Therefore, dental implants ensure that healthy teeth remain healthy by leaving them alone and also offering support by providing artificial teeth to strengthen them.

Dental Implant


Implants Acts as Replacements for your Missing Teeth

Unlike other teeth replacement options that focus on replacing the crown of the teeth, dental implants act as the roots of the teeth and are attached to the jawbone tricking it to produce new tissues around the implant. This creates a natural bond between the bone and the implant. As a result, the void created after a tooth is lost and that also improves your oral health.

It is Easier to Eat with Implants

Implants act more like your natural teeth. Unlike other teeth replacement options, they allow you to enjoy a more natural and substantial chewing experience and you don’t have to take much care while eating only as you would with your natural teeth. Other options such as dentures are sensitive to certain types of foods that limit your diet. with dental implants, you can enjoy most of your favorite meals and foods as they offer almost the same bite as your natural teeth, unlike the removable dentures.

The Success Rate for A Dental Implant Procedures is High

Although the dental implant procedure success rate depends on the needs and dental health of an individual, a good number of people who have undergone the procedures have done so successfully without complications. However, the success rate also depends on the expertise of your provider and that is why you need only to look for the best.

Note that not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants, you need to have healthy gum and enough bone to support the implants. Also, implants are not a good option for children and adolescents. Therefore, to learn if you are a candidate, you can book an appointment at New Dimension Dentistry and be informed accordingly.