What is the Best Pico Laser Treatment in Singapore?

What is the Best Pico Laser Treatment in Singapore?

What is the Best Pico Laser Treatment in Singapore?

Pico laser pertains to a pigment laser that can take off laser beams with a short pulse time.  Yet, are you aware that Pico cites one trillionth of a second? This makes Pico laser 10 times quicker than nanosecond lasers. With its ability to revive collagen even at a skin-deep layer. This cutting-edge technology shows effectiveness to go about your skin troubles. Such as wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scars, and also tattoos.

If you’re looking for the best Pico Laser Treatment in Singapore. Below are some of the choices offered by skin specialists in Singapore. 

Check out the best Pico laser treatments:

  • Angeline Yon Dermatology

Angeline Yong Dermatology is perfect when it comes to advanced solutions. For your medical, cosmetic, and surgical needs. One of Singapore’s most accomplished and experienced dermatologists is Dr. Angeline Yong. With Picoway, Dr. Yong makes sure that their aesthetic lasers are safe and effective. Giving peak power with precise picosecond pulses.

  • S Aesthetics Clinic

S Aesthetics Clinic follows the application of Pico laser to manage skin texture. Skin pigmentation and tattoos are concerns, with the laser’s ability to deliver an important amount of energy in a short time. When the laser puncture beneath the skin’s surface level. The benefit for the skin post-treatment is that it can cure by elastin and collagen stimulation.

  • Amaris B Clinic

Amaris B Clinic inaugurates PICOCARE, an FDA-approved picosecond laser treatment. That aids to lessen pore size and treating a multitude of scars. It improves the skin’s texture and remodels the skin. PICOCARE is more successful when treating pores and scars. As its laser energy can slide beneath the skin surface level to manage troubled spots. With 2 to 6 sessions, you can expect a huge improvement in your skin.

  • Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic

Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser clinics use the Discovery Pico Laser. That is said to be the most spectacular laser of its type in the current market. It can make higher energy levels when handling larger spot sizes. For the dismissal of acne scars, tattoo removal, pigmentation, or skin rejuvenation. Usually, the treatment will last up to half an hour based on the condition.

  • Radium Medical Aesthetics

The best Pico Laser Treatment in Singapore is from Radium Aesthetics. That provides the latest anti-aging and non-surgical. They aim to support you meet a healthy balance of the body, spirit, and mine that promotes a better quality of life. They have a wide range of services to manage different types of issues.  Radium Medical Aesthetics provides treatment programs for every customer. Providing the best results after every session.

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