All on 4 is one of the most commonly chosen procedures that our patients decide to have in Poland. In the West it can be really costly, as this is the most advanced procedure on the market. It is perfect in serious teeth damage due to old age, bad diet or illness. After effect is completely natural and long-lasting. All on 4 is advanced dental procedure that can give patient a new set of teeth in both upper and lower jaws in just two procedures. In some cases it can be done in just one day (most of the time it requires two visits in Poland). You can choose from variants of 10,12 or 14 new teeth in four sets for left and right lower and upper jaw.

Why all in 4 in Poland?

In Poland all on 4 is cheap. That is why so many people from all over the world decide to come here every year for dental treatment. Implant tooth, unlike the natural tooth, consist of abutment and crown on implant made of titanium. It is also one of the most lasting and biocompatible materials that is used in science and medicine for more than 35 years now. Our clinics in Poland can be found in cities such as Krakow, Warsaw or Gdansk, which allows mixing dental treatment with see sighting, beach going or relax in scenic mountains.

Which all on 4?

There are many brands that Polish clinics offer to choose from. As Poland is a European Union country, the materials used are of high quality and all of them have 10 year guarantee. You can choose from different brands and Polish dentist will guide You through the process, determining which teeth will suit You. Brands used in Poland are world-wide known, such as Alpha Bio Implant, Astra Tech, AB, Straummann, Nobel Bio Care or Zimmer.

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What is all on 4 made from?

Your new teeth can be porcelain, acrylic, zirconium or gold. It all depends upon Your decision and dentist will inform You before the procedure about pros and cons of every material. In Poland You can afford even the highest quality materials, which may be too costly in countries such as Switzerland or Sweden.

Before the operation

The candidate must be in a good overall health as well as have his mouth checked for any root canal problems, that should be fixed before the operation. You don’t have to have remaining teeth extracted before the procedure, as it can be safely done at the same time. Sometimes dentists recommend bone graft procedure before which allow preparing sensitive gums for the procedure.

During the operation

You will be put under the local anesthesia during the operation. It is also possible to be under general anesthesia during the operation in case of a strong fear of the pain. Most of the patients choose local anesthesia as the procedure is easy and doesn’t pose big risk of complications.

After the operation:

Dentist will put temporary tooth bridge for the time of healing, which will be replaced by permanent teeth afterwards. Temporary implants are as lasting and well-made as the permanent ones.

Quality of service

Consultations, as well as the procedures, are performed by the qualified implantologist. You will be informed of his/her credentials and qualifications before upon request. Polish doctors and dentists are considered to be one of the most qualified and dedicaded. Many of them works today in the best hospitals and clinics in western countries. Other choose to perform procedures in the best Polish private clinics. Their knowledge is up to date and many of them are frequent speakers at international symposiums and authors of publications.