Who doesn’t love to get great looking, aligned teeth? There are many reasons for which people are often not so confident about their smile. The impact can both be damaging psychologically and socially. But why don’t people opt for treatment for correcting crooked smiles, crowding and unsightly gaps in their teeth? Well, reports reveal that one of the biggest reasons behind this hesitation is the fear of being advised with conventional braces. Although the end-result may be pleasant, you’ll be gifted with a beautiful smile, traditional braces have their fair share of issues.

Thankfully, there are invisible braces called Invisalign which is offered by most dental clinics. The concerns of this article will tell you about all the things that you need to know before opting for Invisalign from your dentist.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a rather modern solution of straightening your teeth without the use of wires. It is smooth, clear and durable plastic which is moulded into a neat set of invisible aligners which snap into the right place on your teeth. Every 2 weeks, you have to exchange the aligners and get a new set which gradually straightens your teeth to the right positions. This is indeed a blessing for people with misaligned teeth as there is no pain in getting them inside your mouth.

What is the way to get started?

The foremost step is to ensure that Invisalign is an appropriate option for you. In majority of the cases, it has worked as well as conventional braces but if the issue is severe re-spacing or straightening, conventional braces might be more preferable. So be sure to check with your Invisalign Sydney dentist to know whether or not this program is suitable for your teeth conditions. Locate the nearest provider and set an appointment with them.

How should you use Invisalign everyday?

The best part of Invisalign is that none apart from you will know that you’re straightening your crooked teeth. You will wear the invisible braces 22 hours a day and this will also include the time when you sleep. Such treatments are completed within 20 weeks for few patients. When you wear the invisible braces, you take off the aligners only when you eat and clean your teeth. Since you can easily remove the braces, you can eat whatever food you want, only with few exceptions. Stop taking coffee and cigarettes as this will turn the braces yellow over time.

Is Invisalign better than conventional braces?

While weighing the benefits of Invisalign, you have to consider whether this is better than conventional braces. Well, Invisalign is invisible and no one will see a mouth full of metal when you smile in front of them. Invisalign can cause mild discomfort initially but most of them think it is much more comfortable than conventional braces. Moreover, removing invisible braces is also easier as compared to their traditional counterparts.

Therefore, if you’re suffering from a crooked smile and lost confidence, you should consider wearing Invisalign to reap the above mentioned benefits.